Guyyyys – nothing is better than Pittsburgh in the summer. The winter is a whole different story, but the SUMMER! The summer is so great. It’s even greater when a client asks you to shoot a wedding up there at the same time as your Pittsburgh Dad’s birthday, retirement, AND Father’s Day… all in the same weekend. My dad was so happy we were up there, and so were we. AND THEN! It’s even GREATER when that same client asks to have their wedding portraits taken in the Mexican War Streets neighborhood where your first apartment was, and you get all misty-eyed shooting there next to your former home with the badass fireplace in the bathroom. AND THEN YOU’D THINK IT COULDN’T GET ANY GREATER BUT THEN OUT COMES THE COCKTAIL HOUR PENGUIN AND THE TINY OWL. I cannnnn’t, you guys, with the tiny owl. The cocktail hour penguin, Disco, is my first love, and I’ve met him at previous weddings. This time he pooped on me (the love is clearly mutual!). But I HADN’T YET MET THE TINY OWL. I don’t know what his name was, but he was so tiny and so cute that I almost exploded. It took everything in my power to not pet him and this is an actual photo of me as he approached.

So anyway, for all these reasons and more, we are forever in Jessie+Dan’s debt. Not only are they sweet and kind and totally awesome but also for having us home to the ‘Burgh and exposing us to tiny owls. They’re also animal people and there was much discussion between Jessie’s parents and myself about cats. There’s just no better way to start your work day than that. And a phenomenal wedding day we had indeed – perfect weather and a perfect couple. Jessie and Dan fit together like a puzzle, and we love that when Dan first met Jessie, he immediately thought of his beloved childhood dog whose name was also Jessie… which is both adorable and hilarious at the same time. There were a lot of sweet, happy tears shed, followed by crazy, animated dance moves. ALSO PINK FLAMINGOS. This wedding was definitely not FOR THE BIRDS – ha haaaa! ::badum CHING::

Date: June 16, 2018
Ceremony + Reception Venue: The National Aviary // Pittsburgh, PA
First Dance Song: “This Magic Moment” – Lake Street Drive
Jessie’s Occupation: Application Analyst
Dan’s Occupation: Structural Engineer
How You Met: Through mutual friends at a bar.
Interesting Fact: One of first dates was to meet a penguin at the aviary! We will have a penguin at our cocktail hour.
Honeymoon: Aruba
Officiant: Rev. Susan Talbott
DJ: Pittsburgh DJ Company
Florist: Green Sinner
Cake: Prant’s
Caterer: Atria’s
Hair/Makeup: Be Salon
Coordinator: Your Big Day

Bridgett is one of Carolyn’s best friends from college (go Point Park!) and, together with Mr. Greg Burks, pretty much solely responsible for my career as a wedding photographer. Bridgett credits me at the end of the post saying that I’m responsible for her taking her wedding photography business full-time, but Bridgett’s responsible for me doing anything regarding photography at all, so I think I have the trump card maybe. ;) I followed Bridgett and Greg around, looked at their photos, listened to them talk about editing, and they inspired me to start taking pictures myself. So Bridgett has played a major role in my life in many ways, and I was super honored to be her wedding photographer (and terrified, because let’s face it, it’s kind of hard to be a wedding photographer’s photographer).

But we were also ridiculously excited. Excited to see Bridgett get married, and excited to meet Michael who is so perfect for Bridgett that it’s amazing to see. Michael’s also heavily obsessed with the Beatles which is something I can appreciate being heavily obsessed with them myself, and he’s into video games which charms Geoff every time. Plus! Their wedding was in Pittsburgh and held at the National Aviary, where I used to go with my family a ton when my sister and I were little (I’ve only been pooped on once!). The best part of having your wedding at the National Aviary: the macaw and penguin visiting your wedding guests. Of course, I wish the penguin was more free roaming… perhaps in a tuxedo on top of his nature-made tuxedo and casually walking amongst the guests, but we understood why his safety was in jeopardy (because he is so awesome!!1) and we resigned to just waving at him excitedly from a distance. The birds inside the Aviary didn’t come out for our portraits with Bridgett and Michael, but it’s probably just as well to avoid getting pooped on in a wedding dress.

Bridgett and Michael – we love you both very much and were thrilled to have the opportunity to be trusted to document this for you. We had the best time and were so happy to see you guys be so happy in a happy place together with happy friends and happy family. Congratulations, friends. :)

Date: August 24, 2013

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The National Aviary // Pittsburgh, PA

First Dance Song: “Something” – The Beatles

Bridgett’s Occupation: Event Photographer

Michael’s Occupation: Computer Support Technician (IT guy) for MARC USA

How You Met: We met while working at the Apple Store in Shadyside.

Interesting Bride Fact: Carolyn Scott is responsible for inspiring Bridgett to take her photography business full-time.

Interesting Groom Fact: Michael is a technology fiend, a video game extraordinaire, and believes in love above all else (inspired by the Beatles).

Honeymoon Destination: Secrets Maroma in Riviera Maya, Mexico – we have a swim-up room!

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Christian Kriegescotte (friend) | DJ – Sean Nice | Florist – Summer Blossoms by Nancy Orr (friend) | Cake – Oakmont Bakery | Caterer – Atria’s | Hair/Makeup – ROOTS Hair and Nail Salon | Videographer – Fineline Weddings