Repeat clients are a dream, and it’s even more awesome when you shoot multiple weddings for the same family. Three years ago we photographed the wedding of Allison+Blue in West Virginia and fell in love with their super fun family and were so excited to be asked to photograph the wedding of Allison’s younger sister Christine and her awesome husband Andy in Pittsburgh, PA! It was super great to see Christine’s family again and now to meet Andy’s family, all of whom were also fun (and there were a lot of them, so it was kind of all the fun. in the whole world. ever).

So we were excited to see the bride’s family, excited to meet Andy’s family, excited to be back in Pittsburgh, and then that’s when we found out about the 17 year cicadas and we were like HOLD. THE. PHONE. THIS IS TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT. Now I polled my family and other Pittsburgh friends and it seems like I may be literally the only person who was super excited about the 17 year cicadas, but every single year people are like, “This is the year! The cicadas are coming this year!” and I am always like, “What do you mean? The cicadas are here every year.” And people respond with, “But this year there are going to be so many!” And every year I’m like, “SWEET, MAYBE THIS IS THE YEAR! THE YEAR OF ALL THE CICADAS!” and then I look around, disappointed in my lack of cicada swarms and sigh a little bit to myself, wondering why everyone keeps promising something that never happens.

But it just so happens that they DO exist. And they DO swarm! And it’s like being in a giant cloud of super huge bugs and they kind of look like humming birds flying all around! Or bees maybe! And there were tons of them! And they’re SO FREAKING LOUD that you can hear them through your car window going 60mph with the air conditioner on full-blast while driving down the street and you may or may not have to plug your ears when walking past any trees in person because the noiiiise. And they landed on my camera! And my pants! And my head! And I was so thrilled!! BECAUSE FINALLY IT WAS TRUE! In south Pittsburgh this weekend, the cicadas fulfilled the promise everyone’s been talking to me about for 30 years. Apparently they moved the wedding from West Virginia up into Pittsburgh to avoid said cicadas, but the cicadas came further north than originally expected. Because someone somewhere was smiling down on me because YES, CICADAS!

  • Date: June 18, 2016
  • Ceremony Venue: Immaculate Conception Catholic Church // Washington, PA
  • Reception Venue: Shady Elms Farm // Hickory, PA
  • First Dance Song: “Living of Love” – The Avett Brothers
  • Christine’s Occupation: Quality Engineer at Boeing
  • Andy’s Occupation: Design Engineer at Boeing
  • How You Met: Engineering classes/Mountainair at West Virginia University
  • Interesting Fact: The last time the Pittsburgh Penguins were in the Stanley Cup was the year we met, now the year we are getting married the Penguins have returned to the Stanley Cup Finals.
  • Honeymoon: Grenada
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Father Mike Conway. DJ – MobileMIX Entertainment (David Kieba). Florist – Shady Elms Farm. Cake – Bethel Bakery. Caterer – PW Catering. Hair/Makeup – Hannah Conrad. Videographer – So Fresh! Films. Coordinator – Devoted to You (Kristen).

Our last Pittsburgh wedding until next year went out with a bang and a giant duck. A giant, 40-foot inflatable rubber duck, to be exact. Where did we get this rubber duck?

The giant duck is an art installation (read more about him here) whose first stop in the US was to Pittsburgh at Point State Park – a triangular shaped park where the three rivers meet in the ‘Burgh. Sara and Ed conveniently got married on the last weekend the duck was in town, so we were able to snap a few pictures with him after their ceremony in Sara’s childhood church. It was raining, and we were also surrounded by quite possibly hundreds if not thousands of people, so thankfully the umbrella-weilding bridal party was able to form a temporary body barricade while we took a few pictures with the duck. Also (thankfully) is the fact that Pittsburgh citizens love weddings and are also very nice, so they were cool with being kicked out of the way for a minute or so. It was worth it, and thus the pictures with the giant duck. :)

The reception of the wedding took place at PPG Aquarium at the Pittsburgh Zoo where the very large sting rays that you can pet quickly became the most popular wedding guests (if you held your hand above the water by a couple inches, they should slide up the glass and touch your hand with their… nose? face? what does a stingray have?). Both locations – Sara’s childhood church and the PPG Aquarium – were quite fitting as Sara was born and raised in the ‘Burgh (although Ed hails from Ohio). They both live in New York City now, but Sara wanted to capture the ‘Burgh atmosphere in all locations. We had an amazing time at their wedding and wish them both the very best at their super awesome tv/film jobs in New York!

Date: October 19, 2013

Ceremony Venue: St. Anne Catholic Church // Pittsburgh, PA

Reception Venue: PPG Aquarium at Pittsburgh Zoo // Pittsburgh, PA

First Dance Song: “Time After Time” – Eva Cassidy

Sara’s Occupation: TV/Film Producer

Ed’s Occupation: TV/Film Assistant Camera

How You Met: College

Interesting Groom Fact: Ed loves Legos.

Honeymoon Destination: Paris

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Father Cedolia | DJ – Mark Zini | Florist – Kim Wagner of Dragonfly Florist | Cake – Bethel Bakery | Caterer – PPG Aquarium | Hair/Makeup – Pretty Hair Salon | Coordinator – Roseanna Stewart of St. Anne’s and Gabby Boldizar at PPG Aquarium

This wedding was awesome and held at two very quintessential Pittsburgh places (well, with the exception of Primanti’s) so we quit jaggin around, red up arr haas in North Carolina, came up to da ‘Burgh and went dahntahn to shoot their wedding n’at yinz guys.

Ashley and Dave both went to the same high school as me, only 4 years earlier, so it was a wedding full of people who went to school with my sister (there were several mistaken identity issues) but whom I vaguely knew from seeing their faces at my sister’s random school functions. So there was a lot of, “Is that…?” and “Are you…?” and “You look familiar…” going on, and a few reunions of people who were my sister’s friends who I tried to usurp for my own friendship back in the day because I was that type of little sister (sorry, Laura). Laura actually set me up for this wedding by reuniting with Ashley when they were both put on a flight to Los Angeles and randomly sat next to each other and Ashley had just gotten engaged. Small world! There was also one past wedding couple (Morgan and Jim!) and one future wedding couple (Julianne and Ian!) at this wedding which was super cool… so we had a great time photographing this wedding as well as hanging out with some really awesome folks.

Ashley was a really excited (and gorgeous!!) bride, but I think Dave’s excitement took the cake, as he was one of the happiest grooms we’ve ever photographed. He made some sort of golf analogy to us at the end of the night that we can’t quite remember, but the gist of it was that his wedding day was, in short, the best day ever. :)

^In order: future, present, us, and past CSP clients all at one wedding. :D

Date: October 20, 2012

First Song: “You & Me” – Lifehouse

Ashley’s Occupation: CPA & Assistant Vice President of Finance at PNC Financial Services

Dave’s Occupation: High School Sports Writer for Trib Total Media and PSU Engineering Student

How You Met: High school, but began dating in college

Ceremony Location: Heinz Chapel // Pittsburgh, PA

Reception Location: Lexus Club at PNC Park // Pittsburgh, PA

Officiant: Rev. Cameron Malcolm IV

DJ: Jay Schimmel

Florist: Brides and Butterflies

Cake: Fenoglietto’s Wedding Cakes and Honeymoon Travel

Caterer: Levy Restaurants (Lexus Club/Gunner’s Lounge at PNC Park)

Hair: Studio Raw

Makeup: Ginger Papp