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CSP updates and family portraits!

woah! it’s been a long time. i’ve been super busy between website additions and holiday gatherings and have totally neglected to update my blog.

some fun updates:

– designing a coffee table book exclusively for the use of bringing to my consultations so you don’t have to look at pictures of the coffee table book, but can actually see the coffee table book itself. i know, a crazy idea right? ;)

– CSP now ships all high-res portrait DVDs and both low and high-res DVDs of weddings in personalized DVD cases. they’re padded, have magnetic closures, and have your photograph on them. more importantly they look awesome and protect your DVD better than a standard jewel case.

– carolyn and geoff got droids! now i have instant access to e-mail, my twitter account, and my calendar…which means you experience less time waiting for me to get back to you. :) although i’m pretty much addicted to checking my e-mail anyway and am generally pretty fast in responding, this is good for when i expect to be back in pittsburgh in 8 hours but actually spend 11 hours driving due to holiday traffic and don’t have anything else to do.

shortly before thanksgiving i was given the pleasure of photographing wonderful family portraits for jane and her husband. they have two married sons and 3 grandchildren (with one more coming soon!) and it was delightful to meet the family and take some adorable pictures. beautiful kids and a beautiful family!

the weather here has been less than stellar and one of the kids is recovering from the flu, so we stuck to the great indoors for these ones:








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