raleigh event photographer – downtown raleigh alliance ladies luncheon.

i had the pleasure of photographing the ladies luncheon for the downtown raleigh alliance a few days ago at marbles kids museum. it was such a fantastic experience! there were approximately 200 women in attendance, all business owners, ceos, presidents, and other successful women in business in raleigh. how awesome is that?! the ladies had a great time exchanging business cards and information, having lunch, and listening to the panel of 3 powerful raleigh women discuss raleigh’s past, present, and future.

and folks, i just can’t get enough of marbles. someone please have your wedding there. there are just too many fantastic photographic opportunities.

marbles museum raleigh downtown raleigh alliance marbles museum raleigh marbles museum raleigh

the moderator for the afternoon was WRAL’s debra morgan, who was an absolute pleasure to meet along with the panelists and every other lady there, really. everyone was so fantastic!

WRAL debra morgan marbles museum

representing downtown raleigh’s past was katherine peele – VP, Managing Principal, LS3P Architects:

downtown raleigh alliance

downtown raleigh alliance

representing downtown raleigh’s present was jill heath – President & CEO, Mulkey Engineers & Consultants…along w/ a picture of all the business attire donated to up-and-coming women in raleigh:

downtown raleigh alliance

downtown raleigh alliance

representing downtown raleigh’s future was rita anita linger – President, Southeast Raleigh Assembly (SERA):

downtown raleigh alliance

downtown raleigh alliance

ladies luncheon

thank you to all the women who came and made it a success! i had a great time sponsoring the luncheon and having the opportunity to meet so many wonderful women downtown!


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