Contracted out by the Downtown Raleigh Alliance to photograph their very successful Taste of Restaurant event at the Farmer’s Market last week! There was a huge turnout and lots of tasty samples were enjoyed by all. :) Stop by and visit the Farmer’s Market every Wednesday from 10am-2pm in City Plaza. There are lots of great people, great products, and great food!

i’ve happily shot for the downtown raleigh alliance a lot this year and was very excited to document the first day of their shop downtown campaign for them (second one is on the 11th! make sure to check it out). the DRA, partnering with local businesses, brought shoppers downtown to explore the world of free parking, major discounts at the shops and boutiques downtown, christmas carolers, and free tastings from a bunch of the tasty local restaurants. i was excited to get to go inside a bunch of my favorite stores and photograph them, while geoff was happy to come along and pick up the free food. ;) here are some faves of the day (including one i got of mayor meeker shopping in stitch – BONUS POINTS!):

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raleigh shopper

sir walter raleigh says "merry christmas"


ahhhh office parties. who doesn’t love them? it brings to mind that seinfeld episode where elaine’s boyfriend fell off the wagon and they hid under the desk like it was cape fear. :)

sportsmedia, or SMT, celebrated its 20th anniversary last week by hosting a casino night. geoff works at sportsmedia (they make the yellow lines and scoring for sunday night football, xgames, NBA TV, MLB network, etc), and i was photographing the evening’s event for his office. it was a pretty cool idea for an office party! they rented tuxedos for all the guys that work there and hired a party company to come set up and deal casino games. the more “money” you won, the more times your name went into a drawing to win one of three ipads. it was neat!


geoff gambling… he ended with a little over $59,000! that would’ve more than paid for our wedding, honeymoon, and a down payment on a house….if it wasn’t monopoly money. :(

raleigh event photographer

the owner of SMT and a few of the workers have a band (augmented reality) and they played at the end of the night. gotta love guitar shots!

casino raleigh event photographer casino party

the owner’s mom was there being adorable and gambling with the best of them!

casino party casino party raleigh

as she was about to pull the final raffle winner out of the bowl she said, “watch, i bet i’ll pull my name!” and sure enough, she did!

raffle winner augmented reality

our friend travis, modeling how suspenders are perfect for doing that old-timey-thumb-holding-suspenders-thing.

casino night