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Making Fools of Ourselves: 2016.

Here’s the 6th annual blog post of unprofessional pictures we’ve taken of each other while working. Bad light, bad hair, usually chewing food. Climbing on things and riding on the backs of golf carts and swimming and sitting on the floors of grocery stores and standing in the road. Hair of every conceivable color. Working with dogs that we can never successfully wrangle. Working with bridal parties that we can only kind of successfully wrangle. Glitter beards! Real beards! Connecticut and Italy and Pennsylvania and Tennessee and Virginia (YAAAHHHH)! Five different guys named John. Faking it til we make it. Although in business year 8 I guess we should probably stop faking it at some point and actually know what we’re doing. Maybe next year…but no promises.

The “Making Fools of Ourselves” posts started in 2011 at the end of our Class of 2011 post. Here’s a look at younger versions of us.






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