My first e-mail from Quentin just said, “I warn you… I look like Shrek. But my wife is an angel so we balance each other out.” His questionnaire said stuff like, “Some place that makes me look like Brad Pitt” in response to where they wanted their pictures taken and, “We do NOT like to do naked photography” as their basic vision for the shoot. For anything else that they might want us to know about them, they wrote: “It is very important to know that we are awesome. I take that back, we are VERY awesome. Strike that… we are the most awesomeest. And our dogs don’t suck.”

Thus has been our relationship with Quentin and Lady. Us laughing and nodding and me being naive and asking for clarification as to when Quentin is joking and when he’s not. Note: he is always joking. Well, except for the fact that they are actually awesome, their dogs don’t suck, and Lady is an angel. We had a super fun time running around with these guys and their adorable pups (Betty is skinny, Madeline is a little bit fatter and has the turned down ears). Madeline was horribly abused in her previous household and is now spoiled rotten with Beggin’ Strips (Quentin says they don’t taste very good) and living the high life in Raleigh with her new sister and parents (who like food and baseball and indie music and are awesome). Guys – we hope there’s at least one picture that you don’t hate. ;)

Kelsey and Adam celebrate their one year anniversary on October 9th! We were so happy to see them again and work with them for a third time. They’re just as happy and in love as they were for their engagement and wedding portraits, and had a great first year together. They wanted pictures in downtown Raleigh for a change… as their other sessions were held out in Aberdeen and Southern Pines. We discovered a few new corners of the city… and a giant whale mural that I’d somehow not seen before… all while having a super good time and reuniting with the great Kelsey and Adam!

Here’s to a wonderful anniversary, Kelsey and Adam!

Hey there! I’ve been on vacation in the Outer Banks for a week and now I’m back and ready to head into the second part of wedding season in the south.

Happy one year anniversary to our beloved Amanda and Chris! They were married a little over a year ago on June 23rd and we’ve missed them. :) Way back a few months ago when Amanda contacted me to do their anniversary pictures, I was super excited to see them again. Then we all became even more excited a few months later when we found out that Amanda is pregnant! It’s a great feeling seeing previous clients again, and a greater feeling when you get to see their happy little family expand… whether by cat, dog, or baby. ;) They chose to do their photographs at Oak View County Park where they frequently visit. They really love old-timey era things and have told me before that they’re probably living in the wrong decade, and they find that they love this park due to its old buildings and land. We met up on one incredibly hot evening last week and, while we all almost melted, we survived to bring you beautiful summer evening pictures. Enjoy!

Happy anniversary, Amanda and Chris! Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy and stay out of this heat!!…unless it’s to do photos with us. ;)