My first e-mail from Quentin just said, “I warn you… I look like Shrek. But my wife is an angel so we balance each other out.” His questionnaire said stuff like, “Some place that makes me look like Brad Pitt” in response to where they wanted their pictures taken and, “We do NOT like to do naked photography” as their basic vision for the shoot. For anything else that they might want us to know about them, they wrote: “It is very important to know that we are awesome. I take that back, we are VERY awesome. Strike that… we are the most awesomeest. And our dogs don’t suck.”

Thus has been our relationship with Quentin and Lady. Us laughing and nodding and me being naive and asking for clarification as to when Quentin is joking and when he’s not. Note: he is always joking. Well, except for the fact that they are actually awesome, their dogs don’t suck, and Lady is an angel. We had a super fun time running around with these guys and their adorable pups (Betty is skinny, Madeline is a little bit fatter and has the turned down ears). Madeline was horribly abused in her previous household and is now spoiled rotten with Beggin’ Strips (Quentin says they don’t taste very good) and living the high life in Raleigh with her new sister and parents (who like food and baseball and indie music and are awesome). Guys – we hope there’s at least one picture that you don’t hate. ;)

Meet Ashley and Rodney, a very sweet and adorable couple from Zebulon, NC who are planning a wedding for 2012. :) Rodney proposed to Ashley on February 13th of this year and they’re just in the beginning stages of planning… not yet in the throes of planning panic quite yet. ;) Ashley contacted me for an engagement shoot at Perry’s Pond, a quiet little place a little north of Zebulon near Bunn. Her mother had her senior portraits taken here and the local high school still does a lot of senior portraits on this piece of land. Ashley changed high schools before they took their group senior shot here, so unfortunately she wasn’t able to have pictures here… until now! :) And a beautiful woodsy location it is! And although we would’ve loved for the sun to be out, it was at least warm and the rain held off to mere drizzle for 95% of the time, so it was a success!

Perry's Pond engagement

Ashley has such a sweet smile and gorgeous eyes! And Rodney is such a sweetheart. They’re both really kind, down-to-earth people.

Perry's Pond engagement session Zebulon engagement photographer Raleigh engagement photographer Engagment session

Oh, and meet Brodie too! :) How could we forget him. Here he is, below, smiling for the camera (love those teeth). Brodie is a Peekapoo and nothing, really, but a large ball of the softest fur on planet Earth. He is adorable, fiesty, and easily distracted… and I love him a lot!

engagement sessions with dogs

For those of you who’ve had a session with me, you know my tendency to walk backward without watching where I’m going and tripping, falling, and generally causing a scene. That said, this was a particularly dangerous location for me with all the rocks and water. ;) But I survived without a scratch!

Perry's Pond engagement session engagement session with dog Raleigh pet photographer engagement session with dog Zebulon engagement session Perry's Pond engagement session

Quick change of clothes and some drizzle later… my favorite picture of the day!

Rainy engagement session rainy engagement session Raleigh engagement photographer rainy engagement session umbrellas engagement session umbrellas engagement session rainy engagement session Carolyn Scott Photography Raleigh wedding photographer

Ashley and Rodney, you are wonderful! I hope you, your family, and Brodie enjoy the pictures. :)