LOVED this wedding! renee, daniel and their family and friends are such a super friendly and nice group of people. it rained! and nobody was really even that stressed out about it! in fact, the bridal party grabbed some umbrellas and we went outside to take pictures anyway! thankfully it didn’t pour and it stopped soon after so we didn’t need them for too long, but it’s awesome when clients are that easy going. easy going and super friendly bridal party, a couple totally in love, and a group that totally knew how to throw a party. nice!

lather salon raleigh lather salon raleigh wedding makeup

renee and daniel were married on july 31, 2010 at north raleigh presbyterian church. awesome church, by the way. has great grounds and a modern feel about it.

Raleigh wedding photographer guys getting ready girls getting ready raleigh bridesmaids

i was loving this ring. i like the circular design on the petite band. i have been getting some brides and grooms with awesome rings lately!

wedding rings raleigh wedding photographer raleigh groomsmen

renee wore ballet flats… second bride in a row! such a great idea. i was also loving the bridesmaid attire, flowers, and shoes. tan pumps + sage green = WIN.

north carolina wedding photographer north raleigh presbyterian church north raleigh presbyterian church north raleigh presbyterian church wedding ceremony raleigh bridal party

they are both too cute. :( they’ve dated for five years and were so comfortable and cute around each other. there were a lot of tears at the ceremony and the reception. adorable!

raleigh north carolina photographer raleigh wedding photographer north carolina wedding photographer couple

the below shot is my favorite ever. expect this in the portfolio soon.

raleigh nc wedding photographer

raleigh bride and groom north raleigh presbyterian church wedding

the wedding reception was held at one eleven place in cary. great venue! very classy. they did an excellent job arranging everything and being super nice and organized.  and renee and daniel had a candy bar! YES! and just when i got excited about that, i saw that the candy bar was lime green and purple! BIGGER YES!

one eleven place

purple and green candy bar

all of their first dance pictures involved them laughing cutely the entire time. :)

first dance

first dance

one eleven place reception

i want this little girl’s hair!

one eleven place wedding

one eleven place wedding reception

one eleven place wedding reception

the expression of a bouquet toss winner vs. the expressions of surprised defeat in the background:

bouquet toss winner

best. garter. toss. ever. i have never seen a group of guys so enthused. usually they stand there with their arms at their sides and step aside when the garter comes towards them. :) these guys were all about it. i love the guy in the front trying to hold back the rest of the crew like, “don’t worry, dudes, i got this.”

garter toss

cake cutting

wedding reception dancing

i’ll give you three guesses for the song in the next two pictures and the first two guesses don’t count. :)

wedding reception dancing

raleigh photographer one eleven place

one eleven place wedding reception

last dance

AWESOME. thanks renee and daniel! we had a great time and wish you two all the luck even though you won’t need it because you’re adorable together. :)

continuing to hash out the edits from nichole and kevin’s wedding. love these pictures! they had their reception at st. michael the archangel’s gallery – it’s basically a reception hall that is next door to the church. it was a beautiful green room that looked great in the daylight. their wedding and ceremony was in the morning and early afternoon, so the light coming in the windows made the green a very nice backdrop color. the reception may take a few days to edit – there are lots! – but they’re adorable photographs of an adorable couple. here are some more of my recent favorites:








nichole totally had the right idea and switched into these fuzzy slippers before entering the reception!





one of the benefits of being a wedding photographer is that you get to take home centerpieces that the bride no longer wants. this wedding? a beta fish in a vase. it became quickly apparent that dolfy was quite determined to get inside the vase to eat “moosey,” so we gave him to our 9 year old neighbor who is very happy. moosey now resides in a tank instead of a vase, but he’s happy nonetheless.







my favorite thing to do at weddings is take ring shots! nichole and kevin gave me their rings during dinner so i ran around with them for a good while. this has to be one of my favorites, but a super sweet second will come tomorrow – rings in a stack of gummy bears. :)