Vivi // At Five Years

VIVI IS BACK! Long-term CSP readers/stalkers will recognize the vivacious Miss Vivi who is seriously near and dear to our hearts. We photographed her for her second, third, and fourth birthdays (click all of those links to see Vivi [and our editing] grow up before your eyes). Now she has just turned FIVE which somehow which makes me feel old. So what’s new? Here are some Vivi updates:

This was the first year she actively recognized us and gave us a hug and it made me melt. She blew kisses at several kids her age while casually walking past them, totally unprovoked. Vivi currently enjoys exploring trains, trying out every pogo-stick-sand-dinosaur they have at Pullen Park, and watching ducks. She very much loves carousels and bridges. New this year is her ability to find statues, hit them, and discover that “Wow, they are solid!” Her favorite thing about trains is the “wooo woooooooo” whistle that she enjoys emulating, but has mild concerns that the whistle might be too loud. She likes going down slides repeatedly but only if someone is at the bottom. Constantly making her mother nervous, she is inexplicably drawn to large, potentially unsafe surfaces and structures on which to climb. She likes to hold hands. She really likes talking, but is 100% positive 100% of the time. Examples below.

Vivi [before going on train ride]: This is going to be TERRIFIC!
Me [during train ride]: Is this terrific?
Vivi: It IS! It is TERRIFIC!

Vivi [walking over by the lake to look at some ducks]: Wow, look at the view!

And my favorite (perhaps channeling her inner Carolyn Scott). Vivi [while riding a carousel for the first time exclaims with a delightful surprise]: I’m not getting hurt right now!

I’m pretty sure I need a shirt that says, “I’m not getting hurt right now!” I would wear it to bed, maybe, which is one of the few times I’m not actively getting injured. Vivi is my spirit animal.

Vivi // At Four Years

The triumphant return of Vivi! This is our third year (year one, year two) documenting this adorable little girl as she runs around parks and picks up every stick she can find. We don’t pose her, but rather just follow her around as she picks up sticks, uses them as reindeer antlers, and then runs up a hill as fast as she can to find yet another stick. This year she recognized us and talked a ton, and I threatened to steal her cat boots on more than one occasion. I also showed her pictures of our cats on my phone because little kids are a great captive audience and I will talk to anyone willing to listen about our cats. She danced, played air guitar and jumped.

Vivi is less into turning every single doorknob this year, and more into hiding behind lamp posts. She still likes to make a run for all spots of potentially poisonous plants, but this year also added a literal hives of bees to her repertoire of things she really, really wants to play with. Vivi also finally gave us her opinions on Star Wars this year (she doesn’t like Chewbacca). However, her parents quickly debunked her statements (she does like Chewbacca). She buried a seed this year (I have no idea what was planted), and was curious about every bird house. Rocking chairs and porch steps are still a favorite (glad to see some things don’t change). Vivi is one of our very favorite clients, not only because the session can literally go anywhere Vivi takes us (it’s her world, we are just living in it), but also because it gives me much needed cardio since she runs full tilt for the majority of the time. THOSE CAT BOOTS THOUGH.