Promo // Gilded Bridal.

I am so, so, so thrilled to have done our third promo shoot for the fabulous Gilded Bridal! For those who missed parts one and two, Gilded Bridal is a boutique bridal shop in downtown Raleigh run by our very own former engagement and wedding client Susan Langford! She offers dresses from independent designers, and they’re badass. And I’m not just saying that because I love her. If her shop was around when I was married, my dress would’ve been a whole different ballgame.

Susan cares deeply about her brides and also her awesome staff, so for Gilded’s Staff Appreciation Day, I came in to take headshots of the gorgeous Gilded girls as well as brides going through the process of picking out a gown and accessories. Then they all went to get manicures. It was a good day.

So if you’re in the market for a wedding gown in the Triangle area, check out Gilded Bridal in downtown Raleigh because Susan is awesome and I am so proud of the incredible business owner she’s become! And now we have a ton of women e-mailing us to tell us that they bought their dress from Gilded and it’s our current wedding clients buying wedding things from our former wedding clients and that makes us smile a lot because our clients are THE BEST! And it’s neat to see them come together.

Thanks to the amazing crew who helped us pull together this day! Hair/Makeup by Samantha Ray of Lula Hair + Makeup and Joanne Maye. And thank you to our amazing models and staff: Leah, Amy, Susan, Natalee, Lauren, and Heather! You put the sparkle in Gilded Bridal. :)

We’re so happy to bring you part two of my shoot with Gilded Bridal! Here’s part one, in case you missed it. Part two’s mission was to photograph the interior of Gilded Bridal, the new wedding gown boutique in downtown Raleigh, and to take some headshots of my beloved wedding client Susan as she’s now become a successful business owner! So proud of her and her BEAUTIFUL space that she and her Dad designed and constructed. It is truly a fantastic addition to downtown Raleigh and to the local wedding industry. She is open now and taking appointments for wedding dress clients! Visit her website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to learn more. If you’re looking for something fabulous, Susan has it. There’s no guarantee that she’ll be dressed up in as many veils and belts and tulle as I made her wear, but I promise she’s amazing either way.

Promos // Gilded Bridal.

We are SO excited to share this post! Our wonderful former wedding client Susan is opening a new bridal boutique called Gilded Bridal in the Glenwood South neighborhood on Boylan Ave. in downtown Raleigh.  AND IT’S GOING TO BE FABULOUS. We think it will really offer something new and different in the local wedding dress department, and we are thrilled that we got to play a part in it! This shoot was to get good promo pictures to help with the branding and the website. All of the dresses and accessories in this shoot will be available, plus a ton more. And we can testify to the fact that Susan has great taste, so. :) HUGE THANK-YOUS GO OUT TO:

  • Hair and Makeup // Lula Hair+Makeup
  • Flowers // Eclectic Sage
  • Venue // The Stockroom at 230 + The Glass Box, Raleigh, NC
  • Moral Support // Joan Langford +Massengill
  • Fan Operator Extraordinaire // Geoff Brown
  • Real Girl Model #1 (the happiest girl with a veil) // Rayn Mangum
  • Real Girl Model #2 (blonde, much taller than me) // Annaleigh Mills
  • Real Girl Model #3 (power walking in fluffy pink dresses) // Joey Elphick

If you want to follow Gilded Bridal, check out their website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Gilded Bridal will be proudly carrying the following dress designers when the store opens in late August: Anais Anette, Truvelle, Ivy & Aster, Romantique by Claire Pettibone, Temperley London, Limor Rosen, Rebecca Schoneveld, Sarah Janks, Elizabeth Dye.


1st Series (Rayn twirling in flower dress) // Dress by Ivy & Aster. Flower Crown by Eclectic Sage.

2nd Series (Annaleigh with greenery and pink couch) // Dress by Ivy & Aster.

3rd Series (Joey with fluffy peach skirt) // Dress by Elizabeth Dye. Headband and belt by Hushed Commotion.

4th Series (Rayn with veil and bold lip color) // Veil by Veil Trends. Dress by Ivy & Aster.

5th Series (Annaleigh in front of black wall) // Dress by Sarah Janks. Headpiece by Twigs & Honey.

6th Series (Joey with lace backed dress ) // Dress by Romantique by Claire Pettibone.

7th Series (Rayn with veil and lace dress) // Dress by Romantique by Claire Pettibone. Veil by Twigs & Honey. Belt by Hushed Commotion.

8th Series (Annaleigh in slim dress downtown) // Dress by Sarah Janks. Veil by Twigs & Honey.

9th Series (Joey with headpiece and screen) // Dress by Elizabeth Dye. Headdress by Twigs & Honey. Belt by Hushed Commotion.

10th Series (all three girls ) // Dresses (in order of left to right): Romantique by Claire Pettibone, Elizabeth Dye, and Romantique by Claire Pettibone. Bouquet by Eclectic Sage.