It’s always a pleasure getting to know such talented individuals from all over the Triangle area who specialize in all different businesses, and working with Dr. Judy Brangman was no exception. Judy is the heart and soul behind The Plant Based MD, a resource for health and wellness that specializes in helping individuals live healthier lives. Judy’s an Internal Medicine physician who’s passionate about exercise and whole foods. We figured the perfect setting for a foods-based wellness coach would be a garden, and Judy came equipped with a basket of fruit and vegetables that I eventually made her juggle (sorry, Judy). She is full of life, and also has a fun accent as she hails from Bermuda (literally all my knowledge about Bermuda now comes from Judy, and that’s better than before when all of my knowledge stemmed from documentaries on the Bermuda Triangle). Speaking of Bermuda, though, this woman has been EVERYWHERE! She loves travel and exploring, and is definitely a fun-loving, adventurous individual. She’s also tiny (my sizeeee) so was easy to photograph without a ladder for once (yay!). It was a pleasure working with Judy and learning about her business. If you’re interested in learning more about what she does (and getting healthier in the process!), visit her site at or follow her on Instagram @drbrangman. Cheers!

I love love love client reunions! It’s so great seeing clients after their wedding, and even better to continue shooting for them. Last week I had the awesome experience of photographing my past clients’ new business in Durham, NC! Dr. Dice and Dr. Nall (you might better know them as Cortney and James) have a beautiful office in Durham where they specialize in chiropractic services with a positive healing approach. Dr. Dice’s father has his own chiropractic business in Pittsburgh, PA as well! They’re all an adorable family of chiros and I was so happy to see them again! We did some office shots, some head shots, and some couple shots. Enjoy their office’s awesomeness! And if you’re ever in need of a chiropractor, please visit their website.

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