When I first spoke to Anna on the phone, we clicked like old friends. And every time I’ve spoken to her since, it’s been the same way. She’s easy to talk to and hilarious, and her friends all echoed the same sentiments (her friends, likewise, are the same way!). We didn’t actually meet Anna or Winston until the day of their rehearsal dinner, but we very quickly realized that Winston is exactly the same. Easy to talk to, extremely funny, very friendly. They like cheese, dogs, and Paul Simon, so I’m not sure exactly how you could go wrong with them as clients. They’re both super intelligent but neither takes themselves too seriously and they’re a perfect match. Plus they’re good looking.

Rain was scheduled at 100% this day. Then it went down to 10%. Then up to 50%? Then I think it went back to 100%, and then down to 0%, but it rained anyway (thanks, North Carolina forecast!). But thankfully it was a brief rain that then cleared up and then left us with beautiful weather for their incredible wedding at the Haw River Ballroom (which is our very favorite wedding venue). Some bright yellow wild flowers were out in full-swing and we took advantage of them fully for their portraits (one of the reasons Anna had chosen the Haw River Ballroom was that she loved the mix of linear architecture combined with the wild plants surrounding it). Then we went inside to celebrate with the band Punch (also our favorite wedding band!) and Anna and Winston’s friends and family. We’re so grateful that we got to spend the weekend with these guys and so glad we got to be their wedding photographers!

Date: October 19, 2019
Ceremony+Reception Venue: The Haw River Ballroom // Saxapahaw, NC
First Dance Song: “Graceland” – Paul Simon
Interesting Fact: Both left-handed! Bride lived on a street with the same last name as the groom when they first met, which would later become her married name.
Officiant: Reverend Bob Bauman
Band: Punch
Florist: Brides & Bouquets
Cake: Sugar Euphoria
Caterer: Saxapahaw Catering
Hair/Makeup: Perfection by Patricia
Coordinator: Kathy Swope of Sally Oakley Weddings & Events

Mary and Jerem live in Chicago with their calico cat Ella who is one of those adorable two-faced cats where her fur is split down the middle of her head with two different colors. She tried to be a part of the wedding festivities but decided in the end it would be too much of a hassle to make the flight and instead held down her parents’ fort in Illinois. She was, however, part of our Skype consultation with Mary and Jerem, and she must’ve given them her cat-paw of approval because we booked them shortly after (the longer I’m making this paragraph the more delusional and crazy-cat-lady-like I’m seeming, but it’s Friday so give me a break).

We were so excited to finally meet Mary and Jerem in person and work with them on their phenomenal wedding at the ever-amazing Haw River Ballroom! These two have a lot of passion for each other and just about everything else they’re involved in, and it’s evident by how much work they put into this wedding. It’s also evident by the present that Jerem gave Mary the morning of the wedding. When they met, they went on a date. On that date, Jerem received a fortune cookie fortune that said, “Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you.” Mary, of course, was sitting next to him, and he showed her the fortune. They laughed. Little did she know that Jerem then pocketed the fortune in his wallet and carried it around. For years. Years! He had known that she was the one and kept it with him, only to frame it and give it to her on their wedding day. What! This is romantic movie material right here you guys. Mary cried every time she looked at the frame, and cried every time someone mentioned it to her while she was getting ready (sorry if you’re crying right now again, Mary).

Anyway, their wedding was amazing and these two clearly have a lot to be thankful for. We’re thankful that we had the opportunity to work with them and know them as beautiful and generous people. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to leave you here to look at their pictures while I sneak into Mary’s closet, steal her wedding dress, and wear it around my house every day for the next few months.


Date: April 5, 2014

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Haw River Ballroom // Saxapahaw, NC

First Dance Song: “Let’s Stay Together” – Al Green

Mary’s Occupation: Attorney (public defender 4 lyfe!)

Jerem’s Occupation: Commercial film editor

How You Met: The old fashioned way: online! OkCupid, baby. Fun fact: Jerem was Mary’s very first online date, ever. Mary was Jerem’s second. Weird, right?

Interesting Fact About Mary+Jerem: We are almost always one of the first couples to start dancing at any wedding. Jerem is a pretty incredible dancer. Mary..less so, but has SO MUCH ENTHUSIASM.

Honeymoon Destination: Belize! We hear there is no snow there. Which is VERY IMPORTANT to those who have survived Chicago’s winter.

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Rev. Robin Renteria | DJ – Blake Burney | Coordinator & Florist – Heather Cook of Shind!gs | Cupcakes – Sugarland Bakery | Caterer – Saxapahaw Catering Co | Hair – Sarah Nathan | Makeup – Rene Lofland