We like to make Abby and Rachel physical uncomfortable by throwing leaves at them or making them sit on logs full of caterpillars and their wedding day was no different. In 90+ degree heat we trekked them into the forest by the river that was full of bugs and mud and water and oddly, teenagers. I think they are used to us taking them into uncomfortable territory by now. When we’re not physically exhausting them, and I’m making sure that Abby can’t get anything done by Facebook messaging her a lot about Prince during work hours. Now that their wedding is done, they’ve been on their honeymoon and we’re knee-deep in wedding season, so we haven’t had the time to bother them quite as much as we’d like, but I’ll find a way sooner or later. In the meantime, there are photos of them at their absolutely lovely wedding in Saxapahaw. Complete with old timey plates. And cardboard cutouts of their dog Clifford.

  • Date: June 26, 2016
  • Ceremony + Reception Venue: Haw River Ballroom // Saxapahaw, NC
  • First Dance Song: “Stars 4-Ever” – Robyn
  • Rachel’s Occupation: Retirement plan consultant in Raleigh.
  • Abby’s Occupation: PhD candidate in English at Duke.
  • How You Met: On the internet! OKCupid. Abby messaged Rachel first because she liked her taste in books, but it quickly turned into a conversation about our shared love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  We then met for a dinner date at Geer Street Garden, went to the Pinhook after, and the rest is history!
  • Interesting Fact: Long before we knew each other, we both used “What Is Love?” by Haddaway as our ringtones circa 2006.  We discovered this on a road trip when that song came on.  We have a nine year old Chowbrador named Clifford who is incredibly anxious and likes to hide under tables.  Rachel was once bitten by a copperhead and lives to tell the tale; Abby did poorly in the 1997 Missouri State geography bee.
  • Honeymoon: We are going to Hawaii’s Big Island shortly after the wedding.  We are going to attempt to learn to surf.  Neither of us think this is going to work very well.
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Daniel Picus. DJ – DJ Playplay. Florist – Brides and Bouquets. Cake – Pies from Weaver Street Market. Caterer – Saxapahaw General Store. Coordinator – Patricia Gallivan from Saxapahaw General Store.

This wedding was an absolute blast. Lori and Rachel, who have been in incredibly good spirits in every interaction we’ve ever had with them, were having an obviously great time without worry or stress despite high winds (seriously, seriously windy), abnormally cold temperatures (seriously, seriously cold, especially for April), and having to put their wedding under a tent because of the aforementioned things. They just didn’t care. Well, not that they didn’t care, but rather – they were focused on the right thing (each other) instead of worrying about anything else, and they let the wedding day chips fall where they may.

And they fell wonderfully! They laughed and smiled for 98% of the day, and Lori fist pumped and made this expression of complete success for the remaining 2%. Their wedding party was also a delight to work with, and we had encountered their lovely officiant Meg at a previous wedding where she made the cupcakes! Small world. Super happy to have been a part of this wonderful couple’s day, and excited to return to The Cookery for more weddings this year! This was our first time there and we can say with authority that it’s awesome. Check out the awesome below in 5, 4, 3, 2…

  • Date: April 9, 2015
  • Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Cookery // Durham, NC
  • First Dance Song: “The Story” – Brandi Carlile
  • Lori’s Occupation: Burn ICU Registered Nurse at Jaycee Burn Center, UNC Health Care
  • Rachel’s Occupation: Project Manager and Sustainability at Southern Energy Management
  • How You Met: Lori was Rachel’s chemistry tutor at Elon University in 2003… she got a B!
  • Interesting Fact: Lori will rap “Shoop” by Salt & Peppa at any moment…company holiday parties, weddings, or even on the PA system of a tour bus. Rachel is a natural athlete – marathon runner, soccer standout, and an ace with a golf club.
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant –Meg Fanney. DJ – Steve Stowe of Joe Bunn DJ Company. Cake – Guglhuph. Florist – Lori and Rachel’s wedding party. Caterer – Durham Catering. Coordinator – Matthew Lardie.

We’ve been longstanding supporters of LGBT equality and marriage, and in our careers we’ve photographed engagement sessions and commitment ceremonies of couples who couldn’t legally get married in our state. A couple could have a commitment ceremony here, but they’d need to get legally hitched elsewhere and had to come back to live in a state that didn’t legally acknowledge their union. When we met Matt and Scott, we were all aware that it would be a commitment ceremony like the others we have done. And while we were thrilled to work with these two amazing guys, we were even more thrilled when same-sex marriage became legal in North Carolina in October, turning Matt and Scott’s previous commitment ceremony into a legal marriage recognized by the state, and the first one that we’ve photographed on our home turf. :)

Usually I don’t get very sappy on the blog as I prefer to remain somewhat aloof and sarcastic (sappy doesn’t really mix with the bats, does it). But! I’ll do it just this once since we really were happy to have this be our first legal same-sex wedding in NC. And we were even happier to see Matt and Scott surrounded by a huge group of very proud and loving family and friends. There were some tears and lots of hugs and a cake topper that looked like Matt and Scott with their two cats at the bottom. And who could ask for more than that? We’re so happy to show you these pictures, and we’re so happy for Matt and Scott. :)

Cotton Room Groom Suite Groom putting on bow tie Pink wedding bouquet Groom getting ready for wedding Groom talking to bridesmaid Groom talking to flower girl Grooms getting ready Same sex wedding party Couple wedding portrait Same sex wedding Durham North Carolina Grooms kissing same sex wedding LGBT wedding portrait Groom portrait LGBT wedding north carolina Gay wedding Durham NC Two grooms portrait NC Cotton Room Wedding Durham, NC Groom with tux and bow tie Grooms holding hands Urban wedding portraits Black and white groom portrait Grooms holding hands Same sex friendly wedding photographers Groom portrait green wall Groom straightening tie Wedding cocktail hour Wedding cocktail hour Cotton Room Same sex wedding cake toppers Cocktail hour at the Cotton Room Durham Wedding guests talking Wedding ceremony setup white curtains Wedding ceremony at The Cotton Room Durham NC Wedding ceremony speaker Wedding ceremony at the Cotton Room Durham, NC Groom's dad at ceremony Wine box wedding ceremony Same sex marriage in North Carolina Same sex wedding Durham NC LGBT wedding Durham North Carolina Gay wedding North Carolina Wedding rings on a mustache Groom hugging wedding guests Wedding reception setup at the Cotton Room First dance at LGBT wedding Wedding photographers in Durham, NC Couple reacting to speeches and toasts at wedding Same sex marriage Wedding Photo Booth Wedding reception at The Cotton Room NC Wedding reception at the Cotton Room Guests dancing Wedding guests talking to groom Grooms dancing at wedding Father of the groom dancing Wedding reception dancing The Cotton Room wedding reception venue Girls laughing People singing People laughing Parents of the groom Last dance Sparkler exit
  • Date: April 25, 2015
  • Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Cotton Room // Durham, NC
  • First Dance: “Here Comes the Sun” – Glee
  • Scott’s Occupation: Emergency room physician
  • Matt’s Occupation: Postdoctoral scholar in cognitive psychology/psycholinguistics
  • How You Met: Online (or as Scott says, he ordered Matt off the internet).
  • Interesting Fact: When we first met, Matt was obsessed with the Food Network but never cooked, whereas Scott was obsessed with cooking but never watched the Food Network.  7 years later, those roles have completely reversed.
  • Honeymoon: Hawaii
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Reverend Barbara Lodge | DJ – All Around Raleigh DJ | Florist – Amrose Flowers | Cake – Cinda’s Creative Cakes | Caterer – Triangle Catering | Hair – Blo | Videographer – Dean Garris of DEANO Pictures | Coordinator – Emily Nunn of Whiskey and White Events | Design Consultation – Melinda Knowles of Host Raleigh