Jen and her dress

Jen and Patrick were married on Saturday so now I can throw these up here without Patrick seeing them before the wedding day and me ruining the whole thing. :) Jen has a giant, fluffy dress that is amazing. Yet, in a rare turn of events that we hardly ever see, she could actually move around in it and wasn’t really worried about it. It was a heavy dress, but she carried the train herself AND her awesome bouquet made of brooches which added another 5-10lbs. I probably should’ve taken before/after arm flexing shots of her. Jen is gorgeous and there will be more of her awesome pretty face to come shortly!


Rebecca has been one of our most fabulous clients to date. I don’t think there’s a happier, more genuine girl in all of North Carolina. I’ve loved her from the minute I’ve met her and through all encounters we’ve had with her from the first e-mail til she was sent away in an awesome vintage car on Saturday on the way to her honeymoon. :)

took awesome bridal portraits at the NCSU alumni hall today! the only thing disappointing about taking bridal portraits is that you can’t post them until after the wedding. :) but here’s a sneak peak – random test shot before the bride got to the top of the steps.

NCSU alumni center bridal portraits

why 365?