We are delightfully welcoming Lindsay+Ken to the CSP 5 Timer’s Club, to which there is unfortunately no sweet club jacket, but just the simple joy and satisfaction in knowing that I’ve ran around stalking you with a camera on five separate occasions. Here was their 4th occasion, when I accurately predicted that they were pregnant with what would turn out to be a really, really, ridiculously good looking child. I was right, of course, and KG is a stunner of a little-over-one-year-old. He didn’t like us at all until he realized we were there to take pictures of him, and then he turned on the charm. Big blue eyes, dark hair, and the attitude of an overworked model: smiling directly into the camera 99% of the time, demanding to see the pictures on the screen afterward to make sure he looked good, and then breaking down into tears due to hunger. He is an incredibly adorable kid, and his beauuuutiful parents are two people who are very near and dear to my heart. Dogs Mona and Lincoln, Boxer extraordinaires, were also present and adorable for this session, and also a cat! The cat was sleeping under a kitchen chair and permitted exactly four photos before she said, “I’m out” and left. It is really a cool job that we have to see our clients grow and have families and we can meet little mini versions of our clients. Welcome to the world, KG! And to the CSP 1st Timer’s Club. :)

Cat+Michell // At Home.

Remember Cat+Michell? Of course you guys do, their wedding had a bouncy castle. A bouncy castle I went in many times, and fondly reminisce about whenever I’m anywhere without a bouncy castle really (which is, sadly, often). Well, Cat and Michell had a KID! A small human being! Not fit to put inside a bouncy castle (yet), but give him time. His name is Cameron and he was a little bit sick at the session which gave me a great excuse to sing this. He also slept through pretty much the whole session. This was either due to a defense mechanism to tune us all out, or because he had the sniffles. Either way, it gave us the opportunity to put on his baby headphones and a dinosaur hat and create all sorts of pictures he’ll probably be embarrassed of later. We are so happy to welcome the always wonderful never terrible Cat+Michell to the CSP 3-timer’s club and to welcome Cameron to his first-timer’s club!