day 10/365

shot a beautiful wedding today, so posting a little late…and also kind of cheating by posting photographs from last week since i just got in. :)

so now it’s time for an interesting personal story. geoff, my wonderful assistant and lighting stand-in, recently participated in a mustache competition where he indeed won the award for “creepiest” mustache. they all grew beards for a month to avoid wearing a full-on mustache for a month, then shaved it at the beginning of february. geoff normally kinda has a beard, so it wasn’t a big thing for that month…but i’ve gotta say, for the 10 minutes that he had that beard, it was kinda freaking me out.

despite us not being able to locate a bottle of wine and geoff being totally unwilling to open his robe more for my artistic vision, he still won the contest because…as someone pointed out, “it’s all about the setting.”

mustache 048

and shaved afterwards:

RAW 031

why 365?

day 9/365

rehearsal this evening for dottie and jon’s wedding tomorrow! it’s going to be lovely and i can’t wait to photograph this group of really excited, happy, and lovely people. loved this snapshot i took of dottie waiting for jon to arrive at the church for rehearsal.


why 365?

day 8/365

over a week now of project 365 and i think it’s been going really well! although i have to say that i’ve been kinda busy this week and haven’t put as much thought into staging photographs as i would’ve liked, but i’m getting there! i’ve been concentrating a lot on inventing different poses that i haven’t used before for the wedding this weekend. as a wedding and portrait photographer, let me just say that there are only so many poses that you can think of off the top of your head. it has really helped me immensely to sketch and plan them out beforehand so that i can remember the visions that i had for the shoot. oftentimes i write down shot lists on index cards and geoff reads them off to me. it also helps the session run much smoother so you’re not standing there saying, “umm…” while you wait for inspiration to strike. :) also – 58 degrees and sunny this saturday! i don’t think you could ask for better weather for a february wedding.


why 365?