We liked Ashley and Kyle as soon as we met them. First, Ashley is a bit littler than I am which always makes me happy because I think that’s happened exactly twice, and it enables me to have a lot easier time photographing them because no step stools are involved. Second, they love cats as much as we do and slightly more (Ashley could probably talk me into the pros of adopting twenty more cats if I gave her fifteen minutes and I would be thoroughly convinced). Third, they’re big fans of both zombies and the 1990s… and the song “Zombie” from the 1990s… which Kyle played while proposing to Ashley (if that doesn’t make a girl say yes, I’m not sure what does). So, basically, they’re us, only with a little more cats and slightly less height. We had an awesome time getting to know ourselves a bit better during their session. We did run into a slight hiccup when Ashley stepped into the territory of some unfriendly fire ants, but not before she and Kyle had already defaced the side of a building with their wedding date (don’t worry, it was chalk spray paint, which, amazingly, not only washes off in the rain, but is surprisingly just as bright as normal spray paint!). We’re looking forward to playing some Munchkin with these folks and hanging out with more cats. ;)

Kristine and Kevin were fantastic to work with for this shoot! They know how to have fun and aren’t afraid to be a tad bit ridiculous. They made us laugh probably more than we made them laugh, and we had a great time. They both are involved in culinary art – Kristine’s in school for baking and Kevin’s a cook. Geoff and I decided that they should probably move in with us so that we don’t have to do either of those things again (we’ll take care of the dishes and you can live here for free, okay?). Kristine’s planning on making their wedding cake for their spring wedding next year.

I actually met Kristine doing photos for a veterinary hospital two years ago where she was the secretary. She’s kept in touch and followed us for a while and we’re excited to have her and Kevin on board for 2014! They have 4 cats (two outside and two inside) so they get bonus client points.

So in writing I have an easier time calling them Kimberly and Dan, but it person it didn’t work out so well as I kept almost calling Dan either Daniel or Dinberly and calling Kimberly Kim… so we had to shorten it so I could stop making a total jerk out of myself. Thankfully, these two are totally cool and laughed obligingly at my cheesy jokes all night and braved the rain with no umbrella and were down.right.awesome.

Kimberly and Dan were introduced by Kimberly’s sister at the Flying Saucer in Raleigh in 2011. They hit it off and went on their first date to Goodnights Comedy Club (where we were able to take a few pictures!) and the rest is history. Both at in the United States Air Force… Dan in the reserves and Kim in active duty as an air traffic controller. Dan does IT guy stuff. They’re getting married on October 6th (my birthday!) in Las Vegas but, unfortunately in my opinion, not by Elvis. They have impeccably good taste in TV (Lost and Game of Thrones… Joffrey’s such a punk) and music (although we’re forgiving Kimberly’s affinity for country). They were super goofy and cute and did whatever the heck I asked them to without hesitating and I loved them immediately. I hope I get to see these two again in the future but for now I am wishing them the best.luck.ever for their wedding in Las Vegas in October! Cheers to you guys!