You know you have the right client-photographer relationship when you show up and the maid of honor that you’ve never met is really excited to present to you a dozen little miniature hands for you to take ring shots with, and then you proceed to also use the bride’s floral binder and Pantone color samples you find lying around and find out that the wedding is floral and Pantone themed. With little hands. Then someone casually suggests hanging the bride’s dress on a pointed hand that’s jutting out of the wall, but it’s facing the wrong way, so the bride gets up on the counter with a hammer and a drill and proceeds to move the hand. Then they tell you that all of the bridesmaids have temporary tattoos that are scented. These… these are my people.

I won’t say too much about Molly and Trevor because they already know we love them, and they already know how fantastic they are (they are the only clients we’ve had to put their photos on a potato), and I already went over some of that from their engagement session (their apartment which is super fabulous and was published on Apartment Therapy, is now going to live on in our dreams as they’ve just recently bought a house which will be, I have no doubt, equally fabulous). So now I’ll just concentrate on their wedding which was pretty incredible. They wallpapered everything. The bar, the seating sign, the aisle runner, the band’s backdrop! Everyone’s table seating had Pantone colors with their names printed on them that doubled on the back as postcards! The kids had matchbox car boutonnieres! I could go on and on for a while but I’ll just stop with Molly’s dress which was incredible. It was floral. It was fantastic. And it was totally a prom dress from Nordstrom’s (we’ve already had a lot of people ask us, so there you have it folks). She said she wasn’t sure when she’d wear it again, but I assured her that she should just wear it all the time because why wouldn’t you.

• Date: April 15, 2017
• Ceremony + Reception Venue: Duke Gardens // Durham, NC
• First Dance Song: “You’ve Got a Friend” – James Taylor
• Molly’s Occupation: Children’s Museum Exhibit Designer
• Trevor’s Occupation: Biochemistry PostDoc
• How You Met: World Wide Web
• Interesting Fact: We have the exact same glasses prescription.
• Honeymoon: Eventually Norway.
• Vendor Credits: Officiant –Meghan Benson. Band – Liquid Pleasure Band. Florist – Pine State Flowers. Cake – Sugarland. Caterer – Chapel Hill Catering Company. Coordinator – Grace Beason of Grace Leisure Events. Molly+Ferry’s Hair: Stephanie Boettcher at Arrow Studio. Molly+Ferry’s Makeup – Pam Hung from OnLoKation Makeup. Bridesmaid’s Hair – Posh Studio. String Musicians – Save the Date Music. Photobooth – Zimzoom Photo Booth. Transportation – Greenway. Ice Cream Truck – The Parlour. Lighting – GetLit Special Event Lighting. Spray Tan – Tansformations.

CSP Class of 2014.

In 2014 we were on the road. A lot.

We ate a lot of snacks out of a lot of different vending machines. We had to ask guests at a wedding in Georgia to clarify what a “fill-up” station was. I found myself wearing a tank top in Michigan in August, only to find out I was woefully unprepared for it being 49 degrees when we arrived. We snorkeled with sharks, sting rays, and sea turtles at our first destination wedding in St. John, USVI. A woman who owned a diner in Connecticut showed me her teeth she was having worked on that afternoon. A little boy in NC answered the door for us wearing a werewolf mask. We finally got to see the Gaffney Peach in South Carolina. Babies were born, hands were held, and cats were most definitely petted. We were happy to see old friends and meet new ones in comfortable, familiar places like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland.  And we went on a personal trip to Iceland with clients from a few years back who have become dear friends of ours. We went through a lot of different camera bags, cracked the screen on the back of one of our 5DMIIIs, split at least one pair of pants, and racked up hundreds of flight points on the rewards card and thousands of miles on the Mazda.

In 2014 we made a lot of new friends. Here are some of them.

The South is normally a bundle of sunshiney cheer, but this winter has been rough. And by “rough” I mean in the 30s and 40s and a lot of rain. That’s pretty “freaking awesome!” when you live in the north, but it’s atypically cold and wet for North Carolina. Unfortunately Kirsten and Michael’s wedding day was no exception to the “ugh” that’s been this winter here – cold and rainy.

But – and prepare yourselves for me to get totally cheesy right now – this couple has been a great ray of sunshine for us. Ohhh! So cheesy, but so true. They’ve been great. Genuinely nice people whose love is very evident for each other and the people around them. Kirsten bought me a scarf to say thank you before their wedding because she’s the sweetest girl ever. I took a few pictures of Michael staring at Kirsten in the most adorable way possible during the ceremony while their witnesses were signing their marriage license. Finally, just when I thought they were too cute, Kirsten’s dad gave a speech: Kirsten and her family are from Zimbabwe, where it’s traditional for a groom to pay a Labola to the bride’s parents in exchange for their daughter. It’s typically in cash or cattle. So Michael gave Kirsten’s parents a large teddy-bear shaped container filled with animal crackers.

When you’re looking at how cute they are, keep reminding yourself that Kirsten not only made her wedding cake, but her wedding dress. Yes, the whole thing. I still have my mom sew buttons on my coat when they fall off, so consider that.

Date: February 23, 2013

Ceremony Venue: Jones Chapel at Meredith College // Raleigh, NC

Reception Venue: The Pavilions at the Angus Barn // Raleigh, NC

First Dance Song: “Green Eyes” – Cold Play

Kirsten’s Occupation: Sommelier

Michael’s Occupation: Doctor

How You Met: Wine Tasting

Interesting Bride Fact: Kirsten is a Zimbabwean trillionaire!

Interesting Groom Fact: Michael had to pay lebola (African brideprice)

Honeymoon Location: Shh! It’s a secret!

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Rufus Massengill // Band – The Dickens // Cake – Kirsten Holshausen, yay! // Caterer – The Angus Barn // Hair – Dani Begley // Makeup – Kirsten Holshausen