day 16/365

so i know that i’m posting this at 11:57pm, but it still counts!!

this is a documentary shot of what geoff does while i’m editing and posting and sorting my online gallery. :) i finished up dottie & jon’s wedding photographs today (LOVE them!) and put them up on the wedding photography portfolio. i’ll blog more photos of them tomorrow! while they were shrinking and uploading and doing all that good stuff, my trusty assistant played super mario. :)


why 365?

day 14/365

more gloom today in raleigh as we continue to head through the nastiness that’s been this winter. and although it’s certainly not as bad as pittsburgh, i really can’t wait until it’s over. things started to bloom in the beginning of february then abruptly died after that snow we got. then we started on this steak of what’s now become perpetual overcast and drizzle with occasional periods of sun. thankfully the weather for the wedding i photographed last weekend was beautiful, but it was a rare case of good weather in an otherwise nasty winter. looking forward to the spring so i can stop dragging around pants that have wet hems for a while. baah.


why 365?