happy birthday laura!

today is my sister laura’s 27th birthday. happy birthday chica!! she is a speech therapist in pittsburgh, pa but i haven’t given up on her moving down to raleigh. :) because when we both lived in pittsburgh we used to do things like this!:


geoff and i like to go to a lot of haunted attractions during the halloween season and the best part was bringing laura because she would get hit on by a bunch of costumed ghouls (pictured above). he followed laura around the outside grounds for the better part of our visit. of course he didn’t say anything, how could he? but he’d stumble around awkwardly and put his arm around her. i’m not sure if he was stumbling around awkwardly because he was costumed or because he was probably a  14 year-old boy whose only method of picking up women was to dress up like a 7’5 skeleton man. either way, it was awesome. could i have picked a better picture of us for your birthday, laura? of course! but when you have gems like these lying around they must be shared with the blogging world. happy birthday!!! :)

the rest are courtesy of dolfy (who loves laura):

watermark2 watermark3

fender bender.

rockin’ the acoustic look during this shoot. geoff really doesn’t like emo, but always said that if he had an emo band he’d name it death cry ex-girlfriend (inspired by death cab for cutie), so i guess this is his fake death cry ex-girlfriend shoot. maybe they’ll be big someday. “it’s the best band name ever!” – geoff.

1-copy 2-copy 3-copy geoff-069-copy 4-copy 5-copy

and, as usual, buckles was there to take in all the action. and by “take in all the action” i mean sit there simultaniously terrified and fascinated, but always hopeful that there might be treats involved.