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csp’s gone to the dogs.

first and foremost, my camera is back!

thank you, canon, for being super awesome in the customer service department. they repaired my baby and had it back to me within 7 days, good as new. they repaired the pixels and the focusing mechanism, cleaned it, and did a wonderful job. it’s good to have you back, camera.

so i resumed shooting on sunday morning when i figuratively put on my pet photographer hat and tromped back into west point on the eno where i was stung/bit several weeks before by an unknown bug assailant. morgan and i had been talking for several weeks about tabitha’s shoot and we were so excited! we originally intended for this to be a sort of halloween/fall type shoot with pumpkins, hay, etc., but quickly found out that it’s generally frowned upon to take your dog to a pumpkin patch, so we had it in the park instead. although we didn’t have pumpkins, tabitha did bring along a few costume changes and her favorite toys.

needless to say, tabitha is an adorable dog! we did lots of posed “glamour” tabitha shots and lots of action/au naturale shots of tabitha romping through the woods. both came out equally cute. this was such a fun shoot! thanks to morgan and elisa who helped make this shoot incredibly amusing and for helping pose my most wiggly subject yet. :)








more doggone fun tomorrow…(sorry, i just can’t resist these dog puns)…



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