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Raleigh Pet Photographer: Jack+Lola

Jack is a German Shepherd/Lab mix who enjoys chasing sticks, eating pine cones, spending quality time outdoors, and his squeaky ball toy. Lola his a Rottweiler/Shepherd mix who likes me (apparently), following Jack around, cuddling, and treats. This is a regular day in the life of Jack and Lola, two adorable and feisty dogs living the good life in North Carolina. I spent most of the session time chasing them around the yard or trying to pry Lola away from my side so I could get some pictures of her too. Taking pet portraits is basically a good workout. :)
I pretty much fell in love with Lola who reminds me of the dog version of Buckles, the CSP Spokescat…kind of clumsy, runs right in front of you while you’re walking and stands there, and has that head-tilted-to-the-side face that screams, “HELLO! I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!!” Jack, who is slightly more reserved, occupies most of this blog post as he does most of their pictures, because he wasn’t as interested in me as Lola was, so my lens could actually focus on him. ;) They are super adorable pups and I had a great great time photographing them having a wonderful life with their fabulous owners!
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