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So the big reason for us to be back in Pittsburgh finally came: Abi+Ryan’s wedding in Morgantown, WV at the brand new WVU Erickson Alumni Center! :D Neither Geoff nor I had met Abi or Ryan before their wedding, but had rather talked via phone and Facebook for about a year. Now – are you ready for the six degrees of Kevin Bacon? They found me through Abi’s mother Diane, who found me through her best friend Jane, who is the mother of Sarah who is the best friend and bridesmaid of Abi and also the sister of Sean, one of Geoff’s groomsmen/old buddies/roommate from RIT. Still following? Good. ;) Abi and Ryan live in Virginia but went to school at WVU were they met in church. Abi is a neo-natal ICU nurse and Ryan is a police officer. They chose to get married at the Erickson Alumni Center to honor their school and the place where they first met, and it was a gorgeous venue! They were married inside and had the ceremony site flipped to their reception site during their cocktail hour. It was a good thing it was inside too as the temperatures were killer that day and we probably all would’ve melted. ;)

We were so thrilled to be recommended and even more thrilled to be chosen to do their wedding in West Virginia. Geoff and I drove down after our time in Pittsburgh and were happy to finally meet the beautiful couple and their wonderful families, as well as reconnect with our friends Sean and Mylissa. It’s always such an honor to do an out of state wedding and we had a great time! Thank you so much to Abi, Ryan, Diane, Jane, and their families for being wonderful and supportive. We were so happy to be a part of this!

Date: July 3rd, 2011 (Diane’s birthday!)

Ceremony+Reception Venue: WVU Erickson Alumni Center // Morgantown, WV

Officiant: Pastor Donald Dick

Cake: Wedding Cakes Plus

Florist: Kelly’s Floral Designs

Linens: Elite Bridal and Events

Steel Drummist: Richard Maurer

Coordinator: Debra Mullens

DJ: Ken Maisel

The little bee in Abi’s bouquet (to the left) is an old family heirloom, and the lace on her bouquet is from her mother’s wedding dress. :) I love little incorporations like this!

So our greatest challenge for this wedding was doing the portraits at 2pm which, in the summer, is basically high noon. Not only was it hot, but it’s bright with no particular direction to the sun. We did some outside, but went inside pretty quickly to avoid the heat and the harsh light. However, I really love the pictures we did outside despite the high-noon sun! I was kinda super proud since that’s the hardest time of day to shoot in and the hardest type of light to shoot in… so this is the little part of my blog where I brag. ;)

The WVU Alumni Center had beautiful places indoors to shoot. Super gorgeous. Speaking of super gorgeous, Abi was stunning and Ryan was just as equally handsome. They are an adorable team and a beautiful couple to boot. :)

Above: Pre-flipped ceremony room. Below: Post-flipped reception room. :) Ta-da!

At this point during the reception the light was gooooood outside! Diane noticed some down time during the reception and grabbed us all to go outside and these are my favorites of the day. Can’t beat good lighting.

Hello, wedding ducks! So far CSP animals include several engagement cats, engagement and wedding dogs, engagement seagulls, and (unfortunately), plenty of engagement and wedding spiders. But this is our first time with wedding ducks. :) They were adorable.

There was a good ‘ole switcheroo played on the poor guy that caught the garter as they switched out the girl that caught the bouquet for the… best man. ;) Then the wedding got the party started and it was an awesome reception!

Above to the right is Jane dancing with her daughter Sarah… and below to the left are our wonderful friends Mylissa and Sean. ;) Hahaha.

Thank you so much for having us in West Virginia to photograph your wedding, Abi+Ryan! We had a wondeful time and are so grateful to have met and worked with you and your families. We hope you enjoyed your honeymoon and love the pictures!



Just a normal, lovely day photographing this family in Holly Springs. Surrounded by sensational skulls, beautiful bats, sublime serpents, spirited skeletons, gorgeous gourds, and breathtakingly “restored” babydolls, I set about photographing this family with all the whimsical trimmings of the Halloween season. The kids went on a hunt for the elusive seasonal pumpkin eggs, containing treats and occasionally cash. The family decorated their beautiful black tree, adorning it with vomiting jack-o-lanterns and zombie unicorns, all while being watched over by a charming 8′ skeleton who eternally places a giant eyeball on the tree top. Melanie and Ryan celebrated the season by opening a box of “aged” cereal that they were letting ripen until the exact right moment, and grimaced with what I can only assume was sheer delight as they ate hardened bites of expired food from ~2018. Their cat Chloe participated by dressing up as a bat and modeling in the most adorable way in front of a black tea set. Finally, a killer clown emerged with an enormous, glimmering pair of scissors and chased everyone around – presumably to give them free haircuts, how nice. I love this family and their love for Halloween, which continues to live in all of our hearts 365 days a year. And always remember, if you can’t summon the flames directly from Hell, store-bought is fine.

Margaret and Bryan are singlehandedly responsible for nearly destroying our marriage by getting us hooked on the video game Overcooked. We first learned about this during their engagement session in Winston-Salem where Margaret described it as a video game in which “You’re a bunch of adorable characters working in a restaurant to fill orders really fast, but the restaurant is also haunted.” Immediately intrigued by this definition, we went home and downloaded it. And it is exactly as Margaret described:

I’m a little red fox wearing a chef’s hat. Geoff’s a guy who has a box for a head wearing a chef’s hat. We’re trying to make hamburgers, but we’re on different sides of a restaurant located in lava. He has the plates. I have the lettuce. I need to get the lettuce to him, but it needs to be placed on a rotating small rock in the lava. When it finally gets to Geoff, he falls in the lava, and we need to start over. Eventually Geoff falls in the lava so much that we lose entirely. Or – I’m a little raccoon wearing a chef’s hat, and Geoff’s a little black fox wearing a chef’s hat. We’re trying to make soup in a land full of ice. He has the onions, I have the tomatoes, and the kitchen is always catching on fire (nobody knows where the fire extinguisher is, or we dropped it in the lake). He sends the onions over to me, and I fall in the icy water and die. Eventually I fall in the icy water so often that we lose entirely.

Basically – this video game is impossible, but you’re always blaming your loss on your spouse’s inability to navigate either lava or ice, or the fact that they can’t chop vegetables fast enough. Of course YOU’RE chopping fast enough and YOU never accidentally send a plated order down the garbage disposal. There’s a lot of yelling. It’s like assembling Ikea furniture, but worse, and there’s no shelf when you’re done – just resentment.

We don’t resent Margaret and Bryan, though. In fact, we LOVE Overcooked, and actually beat the entire game, and are somehow still married (don’t hold your breath though, we still have bonus levels to complete and the holiday edition). And we’re grateful for Margaret and Bryan for introducing us to a game that we didn’t know we needed in order to hone our hamburger making skills. And it’s a testament to their own marriage that they, too, have played Overcooked and LOOK – they still got married! They must have good communication and the ability to make a mean pepperoni pizza peacefully together, and that’s what love is all about. They had a beautiful wedding with a stormtrooper ring bearer and a giant movie book for a guest book that I signed on the Temple of Doom page because that’s what Geoff would’ve wanted (he’s not dead – he was just across the room when I signed it). We’re so glad we got to work with these guys, and we will never forget them every time we yell at each other about vegetables.

Also, shout out to anyone who recognizes this ceremony’s fabulous cello player from a past wedding of ours! :D

Date: May 27, 2018
Ceremony + Reception Venue: Brier Creek Country Club // Raleigh, NC
First Dance Song: “I Love You” – Alex Clare
Margaret’s Occupation: Teacher
Bryan’s Occupation: Doctor
How You Met: OK Cupid
Interesting Fact: Love pugs
Honeymoon: Cartagena, Colombia
Officiant: Reverend Pam Carey
DJ: Jeff Simpson
Florist: The English Garden
Cake: Raleigh Cake Pops
Caterer: Brier Creek Country Club
Hair/Makeup: Brenda Van Benschoten
Coordinator: Shawn Shindler
Photo Booth: Shutter Booth
Ceremony Musicians: Elegant Ensembles