dear wheat,

today i come crawling back.

after an almost definite diagnosis of celiac disease, we are back to the drawing board as today my team of doctors for the past 1.5 months announced that they can’t find anything wrong with me. that’s right. my stomach was visibly irritated and inflamed during the endoscopy, but they don’t know the reason for it and i’ve tested negative for everything they considered to be important, so they’re sending me on my way. and, after being doubled over in sickness and weakness for a long time, i don’t even have the words to say how irritated i am, but i guess it’s not their fault that they can’t diagnose me with anything concrete…and after spending several thousand dollars, i think i’m done getting tests for a while. :)

so today, wheat, i end my week-long avoidance of you due to my doctors telling me that they thought i was sick because of your tasty goodness. please accept my apologies and let me come back into your life. i love you, wheat.




evil wheat,

it was a false alarm.

the doctors told me i could eat you, so i did… and became violently ill shortly later. i have my eye on you, wheat. i don’t know what you’re doing yet, but i will find out…even if it takes a team of allergists and GI doctors. curse you, wheat. tonight i snuggle up with my rice cakes.




why 365?

day 86/365

being home with these little critters all day now seems like it would be super awesome, but they’re kind of like having your almost-two-year-old run around the house with a box full of crayons while you’re trying to work. they meow incessantly because they’re excited i’m home, then they jump up on my desk and rub against my monitor, step on my keyboard, and knock over snacks. dolfy dips his paw in my water. then they chase each other around the house for a little while and do it all over again.

i need a cat nanny.


why 365?