Are my fellow American blog readers prepared to feel really inadequate when it comes to the number of languages you speak? Good! You’ve come to the right place. Meei contacted us a while back to do a family session with her husband and two daughters. They love the age of their girls and wanted to get it documented (and we agree; 1 and 3 are super fun ages!). We knew that Meei is Chinese, and we knew we’d have about a 5% chance of pronouncing her full name correctly, but she was super nice about our American handicap and told us to call her May. We also knew that her husband’s name was William, so we were 100% confident in our ability to pronounce his name (we were right!). But what we didn’t know is that William is actually Dominican! And William speaks Spanish and Meei speaks Chinese! They met while they were living in New York and they speak English to each other! And William speaks Spanish to the kids and Meei speaks Chinese to the kids and the kids respond in Spanish to their dad and Chinese to their mom and English at school and I’m sorry for all the exclamation points but this is so impressive to an American who took 6 years of French class and forgot everything! Holy smokes. We were and continue to be incredibly impressed by these trilingual kids and their parents. Such a cool family. The best part of our job is meeting people from all over the world and hearing about their experiences. So glad this family got to be our clients this year!

Welcome to our 5th annual Making Fools of Ourselves blog post! Yet another wonderful installment to show you just how gross we end up looking on wedding days. Here are more out-of-focus pictures of me looking totally bewildered and overwhelmed, and more photos of Geoff looking perfectly content and calm. More hairstyle changes than you can shake a fist at, more dog wrangling, and more awkward looking yoga poses in a corner while we wait for someone to bring us food. We’re not going to pretend we look good. We don’t. The light’s bad. The backgrounds are bad. We’ve been on our feet for eight hours trying to pose twelve drunken wedding party members and all we’ve eaten is a protein bar. But this blog post serves as proof that…. Geoff… can… stand in for my light metering?… and that I….need a step stool sometimes? I don’t know, you guys seem to like it.

CSP Class of 2015.

We are so, so grateful for all of our wonderful clients in 2015. The best part of this job is meeting so many new people, and we had some of the best this year. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our small business and our lives. This year we photographed two Rachels, two Carolines, two Matthews, three Saras (some with an h, some without), four Jessicas, three Jennifers, three Johns, two Tims, two Emilys, three Abbys, two Michelles (one with one L, one with two), two Alexes, two Erins, two Erics, and a lot of other people who didn’t have a name twin. We love you all, and cannot wait to meet more of you in 2016. :) Looking forward to going into our 8th year of business. Congratulations to the CSP Class of 2015!