my baby is two years old today! he really doesn’t seem that old. still clumsy and has a little squeal of a meow like he’s a 13 year-old girl at a fall out boy concert. he’s seriously non-stop adorable and  follows me around like my own personal fan club. he’s just like that dog in the movie up…”i’m hiding under your porch because i love you!”

here’s to your little self, buckles.


why 365?

geoff’s birthday was last wednesday and kate bought him how to deal with a neurotic cat because, let’s face it, our cats are pretty neurotic. recently we’ve taken to this little button dealy that emits this high-pitched sound in order to keep dolfy and buckles at bay in the morning. they usually wake up around 4:00am and bug us until we feed them. then bug us after we feed them until we wake up. awesome. the button dealy has been helping tremendously with that and other behavior issues, but they’re still pretty neurotic.

while we were making our save the date wedding invitations the other evening, geoff was doing some fancy photoshop maneuver while i sat on my office futon with how to deal with a neurotic cat. as if on cue, buckles jumped up and started scratching, biting, and clawing at the inside cover of the book for no apparent reason. after he managed to totally wipe himself out, this is how we found him, book and all:

how to deal with a neurotic cat

pretty much priceless. oh, buckles. we’ve got a lot of reading to do.

why 365?