Kei and Justin have been dating for almost four years and wanted to capture some pictures of themselves and their relationship right now, just as it is, for no reason other than they love each other and want to remember this time in their lives. So they booked us for a session and we met them in a park a few days after Hurricane Matthew (our original lakeside location had be completely wiped out in a massive flood). Kei is an early childhood education teacher and Justin is in law enforcement, but despite Justin being a police officer, he’s just as light-hearted and sweet as Kei is, and together they’re two seriously kind people. They are really cuddly, really cute, and love each other a ton. And you kind of can’t help but get wrapped into their adorable looooove!

Although they went to the same high school, they didn’t actually get to know each other until Kei started working in the floral section of Harris Teeter, and Justin would go grocery shopping and stare at her while he ate the fruit samples (yesssss, such a good meeting story). They both really like kid’s movies (Up, Hotel Transylvania, the Good Dinosaur) and we encouraged them to look into the Last Unicorn although it’s crazy depressing (sorry in advance!).  And we ran around the park discussing good and bad television shows and our jobs and how spiders are the absolute worst. In the end, with everyone rushing them to get married already, they wanted to do some Ring Pop engagement photos as a response to the pressure. She then ate her ring and went home. :D

See that little pup in the header above us? The one in the green grass? She’s back… and though older, she’s just as adorable and wonderful… as are Renee and Daniel. :) Renee and Daniel are one of my mom’s favorite couples of mine. Is that weird? That my mom has couples whom she’s never met but that she loves just from their pictures in my blog post? She always says, “They seem like such nice people.” And they are! What can I say, my mom’s a good judge of character. :P This is my third time working with them and my second with Khia, the most adorable Australian Shepherd in the world. They were all fabulous models, as usual! We had fun catching up and hiking around, and Daniel had a little too much fun throwing leaves at Renee. I hope you’ll all enjoy this couple’s post as much as I know my mom will. :P

here are some more shots from my wonderful shoot with abby and matt to start off the week! looking good, guys. :)