day 73/365.

hung out at the park this weekend between shoots and baseball games. i’m pretty much always practicing my photography as i love love love to learn new techniques. i’m also always trying to attempt to perfect my old techniques. other times i just like to mess around and take pictures with no real end goal. thankfully, no matter what the scenario, geoff is usually always around.

aaaand usually giving me this face:

raleigh portrait photographer

or modeling dramatically:

raleigh portrait photographer

or asking me to take his picture while he “jumps like a ninja”:

raleigh portrait photographer

then geoff decided to get behind the camera and do his best photographer impression (hopefully not of me):

“give me tough.”

raleigh portrait photographer


raleigh portrait photographer

“show me scared!”

raleigh portrait photographer

why 365?

autumn architecture.

greg, one of my closest and dearest friends from college, came to visit me last weekend from baltimore! we had such a fantastic time. greg is a brilliant photographer and has an amazing eye for just about everything. he’s getting a website set up to showcase his amazing photography portfolio and i’ll be putting the link up in my blog as soon as it’s ready. until then, he came down to visit and we went out on a photo safari down blount street in raleigh to take photographs of the historic homes. most of them are landmarks now although there are a few that are still inhabited (wish i could afford one of them!). here are some of the photographs i snapped on my side. they’re all fairly dark and creepy because, well, the houses are fairly dark and creepy. especially on an overcast day in november:









more tabitha, the adorable dog i had the pleasure of photographing this weekend. someone needs to sponsor her as a dog model for purina or something.


morgan and tabitha!



in north carolina, dogs have favorites when it comes to college sports too. :)


tabitha, morgan, and elisa: tabitha only sits still for more than 2 seconds if there’s lots of attention involved – one of the few pictures where her tongue is not out. :)




such a sweetie! hopefully i have the opportunity to do more pet photography sittings in the future. i love to photograph everything, but pets are especially fun to photograph because they present a unique challenge: you cannot pose them. unusually obediant dogs, maybe, but even then it is nothing like posing a person. it’s candid and action photography as its best and definitely keeps you on your toes. you have to constantly adjust camera settings and patiently wait for that perfect moment when the dog actually looks in your direction. :) it was a blast!