Royal is a 2 year old Brittany Spaniel who came into my life via his parents’ relationship with the parents of Hermine the Cat. And I could not be more thankful. He was such a grounded and polite subject and his name describes him perfectly. He would sit, stay, lay down, and even fake sneeze. That’s right. They taught him how to fake sneeze. They’d say “Achoo!” and he’d make a sneezing sound on command. Then, when he realized sneezing equaled treats, he’d sit there and sneeze and look at us like, “Hello! Here I am! I am sneezing! Where is my treat, please?” In his spare time, Royal enjoys chasing his toy pheasant, sitting on blankets (he dislikes hardwood floors), and playing with his soccer ball.

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enter renee, daniel, and khia! and yes, this is the renee and daniel from july. :) i was so excited to see them again and even more excited to photograph their new puppy, khia. i am a cat person as i’ve never owned dogs and suspect i’d be far too lazy to ever have one, but khia made me want a puppy. like, now. specifically, a puppy just like khia. i can gauge how adorable i think an animal is by how badly my face hurts afterward due to clenching my jaw when i speak to them because i’m overcome with cuteness. and my jaw hurt pretty badly after this session. :) SOOO RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. and she didn’t bark once. how amazing is she!? pet portraits are so fun.

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there’s a puppy in there somewhere. :) she was awesome at listening! we told her to stay and walked really far with her treats and she stayed, just chilling in the barn. most kids wouldn’t do that!

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i feel like i need a big canvas of the below two shots in my house somewhere. and when someone asks me if that’s my dog, i will say no. and they’ll look at me funny, but i won’t care.

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prepare for your hearts to explode, everyone! it’s an australian shepherd puppy driving a john deere.

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and let’s not forget that renee and daniel are adorable themselves. :) love these guys!

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sooo, how many of you have the strong urge to go out and get a puppy?!