Every once in a while I meet a person with dogs who says they don’t like cats because cats don’t have any personality. Or they say they only like cats who are nice and friendly. Granted, I am sure there are some not nice/unfriendly cats out there, but every cat I have ever known has had a huge personality… it’s just that they don’t particularly care for many people besides their owners and their closer friends. We are crazy cat people ourselves so I’m quite partial to the feline club, but no matter what your views are – it’s a bit impossible to see these pictures of Logan+Sully and think that cats don’t have personalities.

Logan Lemewski (“Lemmy”) and Sullivan McSkillet (“Sully) are my nephew-cats. They belong to my sister Laura and live with her in Pittsburgh where they win the all-time award for being  the craaaaaziest cats in the entire world (photographic evidence below). She recently referred a wedding to me and wanted to use the referral bucks to get pictures of her furry crew, so I took their portraits before Christmas and documented the crazy: the catnip bubbles, the jumping off of doors, the hopping up on cabinets, the drinking from faucets, the red cat pajamas. They are stinking adorable but also absolutely insane. She’s had many stories over the past few years and it basically boils down to the conclusion that they must be getting their paws on some pretty heavy catnip stored away in some secret stash.

Cat Answer Key: Sully is the black cat, and Lemmy is the grey and white cat.

<3 Love you, Lemmy, Sully, and Laura!


Horray for western Pennsylvania!!

Geoff and I traveled to a wedding in West Virginia this past weekend, but I flew home about a week before it to do a few photoshoots in our hometown of Pittsburgh. :) And it was awesome! The weather was about 75 degrees with low humidity, and I could actually sleep with the windows open. Unheard of! We do a lot of engagement sessions and weddings in Pittsburgh because a lot of our family and friends still reside there and I just love it.

But anyway, I was SOoo so so excited when one of my very good friends from college contacted me a while back to see if I could do a shoot with her and her new husband, Nate. Sarah and Nate were married but did not have a wedding, so they were looking to get photographs taken of them happily married and all that jazz. And I was stoked!! Sarah and I go back to 2004 when we both attended the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown, PA. I was there for a semester before I realized I couldn’t handle the one Walmart and field full of cows and opted to transfer to Point Park which was in downtown Pittsburgh. But while I was in Johnstown, Sarah and I were super close and had a ton of really ridiculous times together. A couple semesters later, she too transferred to Point Park from the field of cows and graduated with a degree in Journalism. I made fun of her a lot for living in Pittsburgh but being from Philly, and she took it like a champ. ;)

Years later, we’re not dressing like zombies anymore** (see below) and are all married and grown up and stuff, and here I am taking pictures of her and her wonderful husband Nate whom I had the absolute pleasure of meeting for the first time… along with their adorable son/dog Bennett. SO freaking cute. We had the best time. These were taken at Northmoreland Park near New Kensington, PA (about 45 minutes outside of the ‘Burgh). I used to go fishing there with my dad when I was little. :) So neat to be shooting back there as an adult.

**…not all the time, anyway.

Okay, everyone! Time to breathe a collective, “AWWWWWWWWWWW” over Bennett, world’s most ridiculously cute dog.

Hey hey, western PA vistas! You’re not too bad yourself.

Sarah’s always had the greatest ice blue eyes and has been rocking the Zoolander “Blue Steel” since I’ve known her.

How cute are they? :) So cute. It’s such a lovely idea to do married pictures. Everyone stops taking pictures between the wedding and their kids… but I find it incredibly endearing to take some pictures of yourselves once in a while. You’ll love them later (and now!).

Now for a good walk down memory lane. The latest pictures with Sarah in the purple and myself in the yellow are photo credit of Nate (you rock, Nate!). The zombie picture is credit of… possibly Laurie Bolewitz, but I don’t remember at this point. There were a lot of zombies there that night. Photo credit in bottom left hand corner was totally copyright of Sarah’s mom while we were visiting in Philly. Clearly, our style of dress has matured (love that I had that studded belt… and also, who dresses like a prom zombie anymore? Regular zombie sure. But 80s prom zombie? That was so 2005ish). But we’re still able to rock the karate moves. Love you, Miss Sarah!! Please bring yourself and your lovely man down to visit us in the south sometime!

Geoff and I went home to Pittsburgh last weekend to celebrate his birthday and do whatever he does that involves his fantasy baseball draft. I also was tasked with the mission of photographing my family’s diva cat, LaSalle Faironaire (affectionately dubbed Sal for short). We’ve had Sal since I was 9 years old. She’ll be 16 in May. We credit her longevity to her voluntary solitary confinement in the basement for the first 13 years of her life… avoiding our two tabby cat hellions, Tang and Button. Tang died three years ago, followed by Button a year later, and finally Sal came out of the basement, happier than ever before. She now fully occupies the house (but mostly the kitchen) and has taken to sitting next to all the heating vents and stuffing her face in my parents’ space heaters. My dad calls her the Head of Maintenance.

Sal is both French and Jewish and in her spare time enjoys reading Anne Rice novels and watching Beyonce music videos. We photographed her in my parents’ kitchen where she spends 99.9% of her time.

Raleigh pet photographer

Most of her time spent in the kitchen is spent hanging out with my mom, who is technically Sal’s owner. When I was 9 and my sister was 13, we just wanted cats who looked like Garfield and my dad was only interested in fish. So Laura and I got orange cats, my dad got fish, and my mom took home Sal, who was a rescue.

cat photographer Raleigh pet photographer cat portraits long haired tuxedo cat cat portraits cat portraits cat photography raleigh pet photography

The picture below was about halfway through our shoot. Sal is being as patient as possible, but it’s beginning to show.

cat portraits raleigh cat photographer cat portraits pittsburgh raleigh pet photographer

My mom said that the below picture “…isn’t really in the spirit of Sal.” …..

raleigh cat photographer

….She then proceeded to stuff Sal into a little French beret.

cat photographer

The shots below were taken by my mom, who said that they would showcase the rapport I have with my subjects. :)

raleigh photographer

We love you, Sal!