i normally don’t post on fridays, but i’ll be in williamsburg, va tomorrow at busch gardens… and i certainly don’t think i’ll be blogging from any roller coasters. :) i’ll be back on sunday to dive head first into the next several months worth of shoots, editing, client meetings, etc. time flies. i wish i could say that i would be taking pictures at the park tomorrow, but i won’t. and as strongly as i believe in the “take your camera everywhere with you” adage, i really think amusement parks should be left out for two reasons:

  • most importantly, your camera can get damaged. you can risk the water from the water rides or the heavy vibrations of the coasters… or you can choose to leave it behind where it could potentially get stolen.
  • second, i believe amusement park days should be days free of all concern and worry. and since i would be worrying about damage to my camera, it will be left behind.

i want to be thinking of nothing but “waaaaaaaaaaah” when i am on a roller coaster instead of “waaaaaaaaah oh no i hope my camera is okay waaaaaaaaah.”

so have a wonderful weekend and i’ll see you on sunday.