It’s our pleasure to officially induct Amy+Ben into the CSP 5 Timer’s Club (yep – it’s like hosting SNL, but being on our blog instead… which is just as good, right?)! Their most recent shoot was their maternity session with us in January, and on that blog post, I also link to all the other sessions in their past if you’re interested, which you should be, because Amy+Ben are GREAT! And (to no one’s surprise), so is their new addition Nathan. Nathan is a champion sleeper. Like, a CHAMPION SLEEPER ALL CAPS. He slept through, quite literally, 98% of the session. Sounds and light did not disturb him, but he’s not a huge fan of outfit changes (who is?).

And it’s a good thing Nathan’s a stellar sleeper too, because I locked Amy, Ben, and their two-week-old infant out of their house on accident. We walked onto the porch for a couple pictures, and I closed the door behind me (in my defense, they have cats, and I did not want said cats to escape… also in my defense, I did not know the door would lock). We then realized we were locked out, and locked out with a newborn. But because Nathan is a CHAMPION SLEEPER ALL CAPS, he literally did not notice. We were outside for about 30 minutes and he didn’t wake up because he’s a boss. Thankfully, it was nice out, and more thankfully, Amy and Ben know us very well so they weren’t mad and it wasn’t awkward to wait on their porch for 30 minutes while a locksmith came (I am so sorry you guys). Whooooops. Now I know. And let this be a warning to you all not to let me near your doors.

meet a super sweet and adorable family whose october wedding you can expect to see in a little over a month! :) kelsey and adam are not only getting ready to tie the knot, they also just welcomed their newborn baby emma into the world not too long ago. when we discussed doing an engagement session, we decided we would wait until emma was born and settled in before we took some newborn/family/engagement pictures. i had been following emma’s growing-up progress via kelsey’s facebook pictures to the point where i already felt like i knew her when i met her, but she’s so much more beautiful in person than in a photograph! what a cutie. :) and oh yeah, kelsey and adam are super cute too! we had such a great time. can’t wait for their wedding next month!

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yeeeep. puttin’ babies in suitcases. this is what i do for a living, folks. paying the bills via babies in suitcases.

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goooorgeous light and a goooorgeous couple. this was her mom’s backyard where i should totally set up a small studio and pay a monthly fee to mom in order to shoot because the light is just so stellar.

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WHEELBARROW SHOT! check and mark off the photographic bucket list. :)

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YAY! can’t wait to see you two next month!