Marissa and John found us, liked our website bats, and booked us. We met them, liked Marissa’s bangs and John’s happy smile, and accepted. Also, they have hermit crabs. AND THE HERMIT CRABS CAME TO THE WEDDING. I was so excited. I was disappointed none had been wearing a top hat or a little gown, but I guess there’s only so much you can do (they did travel all the way from Boone after all, and were probably tired doing all of their… hermit crab… things). Marissa and John are the happiest, friendliest, super chillest teacher people we know (and it’s a good thing they are because they will make fantastic and patient teachers and the world needs them). There was a bajillion kajillion chance of rain on their wedding day, and for an outdoor ceremony, that’s not so good. And rain it did. And then it stopped. And we took pictures, ran outside, did a ceremony, and then the rain started again. And then it stopped. And then we took some pictures. And it started again. And then it stopped. And we did their exit. And then it started again. So, I’d say we were as lucky as we could possibly be at dodging rain again this weekend. Can you believe Marissa’s bangs looked this good with such high humidity? It’s crazy.

  • Date: May 29, 2016
  • Ceremony + Reception Venue: Snipes Farm Retreat // Chapel Hill, NC
  • First Dance Song: “Lucky” – Jason Mraz
  • Marissa’s Occupation: Completing her Master’s in Elementary Education
  • John’s Occupation: Student teaching in the High Country and will graduate in December
  • How You Met: We met in 9th grade during our first period English class. After being friends for about 3 years, we started dating our second semester senior year right before prom.
  • Interesting Marissa Facts: Marissa loves to send mail and has been pen pals with Abby, one of the wedding helpers, for almost 4 years. Marissa loves to bake and her favorite meal is brunch. Marissa loves John, but is keeping her last name, Minnick, after their wedding.
  • Interesting John Facts: John does most of our cooking and loves looking for new recipes – he’s a stellar cook and has taught Marissa a lot! John loves fish and has spent the past year doing research on fish species in the New River. John loves Legos and collects Monopoly games. Right now, he has 12 different versions of Monopoly.
  • Honeymoon: Classes! We’re both taking a full load of summer courses at Appalachian.
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – John Oliver. Florist – Marissa! Peach Cobbler – Southern Season. Caterer – Durham Catering Company.

Joe captured Geoff’s heart by being radically obsessed with the Smashing Pumpkins to the same exact degree as Geoff himself, and Sara captured my heart by showing up to our consultation with a side shave haircut that I was also sporting at the time. Since then we’ve liked them a whole lot, and nothing that they do makes us like them less, just more, so our liking them increases all the time. They had succulents at their wedding! And Sara wore cute mint green wedding shoes! And there was dry lavender all over the place that I think they secretly chose for me so I could breathe deeply in whenever I needed to relax. Their friend Brittini made me delicious gluten-free cupcakes and they danced to REM… and Hanson. Then Joe found out that a former member of the Smashing Pumpkins has since joined a band with the rest of Hanson, and Joe’s head exploded, and we went home.

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  • Date: April 4, 2015
  • Ceremony and Reception Venue: Snipes Farm Retreat // Chapel Hill, NC
  • First Dance: “At My Most Beautiful” – R.E.M.
  • Sara’s Occupation: Works for a publishing company in Durham
  • Joe’s Occupation: Paralegal for a law firm in Raleigh (but in August 2015 he will transform into a law student!)
  • How You Met: In astronomy lab/singing karaoke (both in Chapel Hill)
  • Interesting Fact: We once took an overnight road trip to Philadelphia specifically to run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art a la Rocky but Kanye West was playing a show there that night and had built a stage, blocking said steps from the public (this is the second time this has happened to Sara).
  • Honeymoon: Los Angeles, California
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Rev. Robin Renteria | Cake – Lisa Clifton | Caterer – Nantucket Grill | Emcees – Brooke Watson and Eliza Biswas (Joe’s coworkers) | Ceremony flowers – Paula Jean’s Garden on Etsy | Succulents – The Succulent Source (also on Etsy) | Gluten-free cupcakes – Brittini Harbin (Joe’s friend)