Melissa and Jackson are two rain proof kids in both mind and spirit. The forecast was unusually cold for March, but also called for an epic downpour to start riiiiight at the time of their first look. Geoff and I were optimistic – rain almost always get pushed back, and all we needed was for it to hold off an hour. But, because this is how the weather seems to be rolling so far in 2018, the rain started right at the first look, and continued on through their pictures. Then I promised Melissa that there was an alley nearby that had a fish mural. But… the city had painted over it to be a plain yellow. Then they got excited about the weird fruit and vegetable and strange faces mural behind it, but there were cars in every. single. spot. in front of the wall. But then! Thennn!

Because Melissa and Jackson are so badass, they stayed super positive and super wonderful and super friendly despite all of this! And so did their bridal party! And it was cold! And wet! And YET WE MARCHED ON. Equipped with nothing but clear umbrellas and a will of steel, we blocked traffic in City Market and did what we came there to do. We took pictures in that plain yellow alley that used to have the fish! BOOM! Then a car moved and we were able to shoot in front of the weird veggie faces wall! BAM! And Melissa’s dress was absolutely soaked afterward and so were her shoes, so we called in a favor to the wonderful ladies we just photographed at the Design Gallery Salon just recently, and they were so kind as to throw Melissa’s Toms in a dryer for a few minutes while they used several blow dryers on the bottom of her dress. :) TA-DA!

It was a good, good day with good, good people who also like cats. These guys are moving back to North Carolina from Ohio later this year and we’re glad to repopulate the city with more happy-go-lucky people like them. PLUS LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE.

– Date: March 24, 2018
– Ceremony + Reception Venue: 214 Martin Street // Raleigh, NC
– First Dance Song: “Carolina in My Mind ” – James Taylor
– Occupations: PhD students, soon to be postdocs
– How You Met: In a math class at UNC
– Interesting Fact: We’re brewery fans. Our favorite thing to do in a new city is check out local beer.
– Honeymoon: Austria

Officiant: Terri Hollingsworth, family friend
DJ: Al Sibille, Epic DJ Entertainment
Florist: Eucca on Etsy
Cake: Groovy Duck Bakery
Caterer: 214 Martin Street
Hair/Makeup: Junction Salon

Lucy and Kevin booked us without first meeting us as they are living in New York City and have very busy schedules, and we were down here with very busy schedules, and we kept trying to make meeting work but it just didn’t. Then we were up in Manhattan for an engagement session and so we met up with Lucy and Kevin over burgers at a super tasty place somewhere in the city where peanut butter milkshakes were had both by Lucy and myself and everything was great. They showed us pictures of their cat, as well as pictures of their cat sitter who is about to have a podcast about cats. We showed them pictures of our cats. We briefly discussed a preliminary timeline for their wedding and then went right back to talking about our cats. I started following Lucy on Twitter and Instagram, where now I can see regular updates on her cat.

When I got to Lucy’s parents’ house while Lucy was getting ready, I said, “How is your cat? How is the guy who is taking care of your cat?” and Lucy promptly pulled out her phone to show me a picture of her cat cuddled up with her beloved cat sitter. Then other bridesmaids starting showing me photos of their cats too. One showed us a picture of her dog but it was a really cute fluffy dog that had cat-like ears so it’s okay. So what you’re about to see below is less about Lucy and Kevin getting married so much as it is about their cat Masha gaining two official parents. We’ve reached out to Masha’s representatives and we’re awaiting a comment on how she feels, but our guess is pretty thrilled, but that she’d also like fed.

In a rare move where I’m about to say things that don’t involve this couple’s cat, I’d like to announce that Lucy and Kevin are a wonderful couple, talented musicians (Kevin plays trumpet and Lucy plays violin and we’re talking like official music school musicians of music musicology and all that music stuff), and we loved working with them both. Lucy is wonderful and Kevin is the Best Kevin and it was a joy photographing them looking really serious in front of a painting of a giant button.

– Date: November 4, 2017
– Ceremony + Reception Venue: NCMA (North Carolina Museum of Art) // Raleigh, NC
– First Dance Song: “Mango Tree” – Zac Brown Band
– Lucy’s Occupation: PhD student in Historical Musicology
– Kevin’s Occupation: Software Product Manager
– How You Met: At a party for admitted Vanderbilt students before the start of our freshman year of college back in 2008.
– Interesting Fact: We have a tabby cat named Masha and our most longstanding argument concerns yellow vs. dijon mustard (ed. note: obviously dijon is superior (nope))
– Honeymoon: Somewhere warm TBD!
– Vendor Credits: Officiant – Katherine Burson (Kevin’s aunt). DJ – Mitch Woodard of Joe Bunn DJ Company. Florist – The Watered Garden. Cake – Cinda’s Creative Cakes. Caterer – Iris Cafe. Hair – Katelyn McGinn. Makeup – The bride. Coordinator – Morgan Greer with the NCMA. Ceremony Music – Jonathan Kramer on cello (he played at Lucy’s parents’ wedding almost 30 years ago!)

Michelle fulfilled my ongoing search for the unicorn bride: tattoos, short hair, and tea-length dress. Richard knows a lot about Star Wars. Together, they had cat-themed thank you gifts and a guest book consisting of two framed artwork portraits of cats in formalwear. Bonus bonus bonus points: Michelle is gluten-free so I could eat everything at this wedding, including all of the flavors of cupcakes, of which I had both chocolate and lemon (thank you, JP’s Pastry, for making me a very happy woman on this day). They were married on a very hot and sunny day at Fred Fletcher Park near downtown Raleigh amid some blooming Magnolia trees, an old and beautiful historic building, and some bridesmaids wearing fake mustaches. We laughed, we cried, we watched people do the Single Ladies dance. All in a fantastic day’s work for these two very awesome people.

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  • Date: May 23, 2015
  • Ceremony + Reception Site: Borden Building at Fred Fletcher Park
  • First Dance Song: “God Only Knows” – The Beach Boys
  • Occupations: Richard is starting as an assistant professor and Michelle is starting a position in social research at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in August.
  • How You Met: Wet met in graduate school at NCSU – Richard was two years ahead of Michelle in the sociology program.
  • Interesting Fact: Richard and Michelle play a lot of board games together.
  • Honeymoon: England for work/mini-honeymoon in June, and then a full honeymoon to a beach resort in December.
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Rev. Ingrid Weber Sagula | DJ – Alex Choi of Vox DJ Company | Cake – JP’s Pastry | Caterer – Irregardless Cafe | Cat Print Guest Book – Ryan Berkley Illustration