Ohhhh remember baby Alden from last year who loved to stare into your soul with intense, prolonged eye contact? He turned ONE during this session (happy birthday, Alden!) and now stares into your soul slightly less (disappointing but age-appropriate). Now when he looks at you, it’s quickly followed by a clever little smirk like he knows everything about you from previous soul-stealing baby sessions and is definitely going to use it against you in the future. His smile is hilarious and almost looks like he’s incredibly proud of himself… the type of smile that happens right before you’d get a big head nod and he’d open his mouth and say, “Hey bro,” except he’s a baby. It’s incredible. I’d be confident too if I knew how to successfully fish for cats at the age of twelve months. Also, his parents are Kathy and Andrew, whom we love, so obviously this helps to bolster his self-esteem. He’s cute and charming. We did a lot of activities and so by the time we busted out the adorable water table that Alden’s parents bought him for his birthday, he was way tired, and I can say with hands-down certainty that Kathy was the person who enjoyed that table the most (this may have happened even if Alden wasn’t wiped out… Kathy really loved that table). We’re so glad we were there to document this little future-cat-lover (and hopefully extremely good secret-keeper) turn one.

Team Emmerika. // At Home.

Erika and Emmanuel are like our celebrity clients. Most people who read our blog know who they are and frequently ask us about them like they’re unicorns, or pass along creepy compliments to them through us. Example: “That one couple is really cute. You know… the Emmerika couple. The guy has the dreadlocks? Yeah, they seem super cool.”… then they just leave it at that and I’m not sure what to say (besides the obvious which is yes, they are quite cool). Well now we’ll see where your loyalty truly lies because Emmanuel has since cut off his dreadlocks! BUT he gained a cool faux hawk… and a puppy. So I’m pretty sure the numbers are still well in their favor. Plus their house has a tree house in the backyard. Family facts:

Emmanuel: loves video games and pizza and not sleeping
Erika: loves baked goods and movies and kittens
Lobo[gray cat, not terribly pictured because…]: loves everybody leaving him the hell alone
Mango[calico cat]: love being derpy and chittering at birds and the bird-like toy
Habanero[tuxedo cat]: loves EVERYONE OMG PET ME RIGHT NOW
Bino[puppy]: loves chew toys made of gross parts of bulls that we won’t put in the blog or else our blog will start coming up for search results we do not want

Look at how cute they are.