Doing promotional photography for local businesses is such a fun job. Not only do we get to meet new people and discover new places, but we get to help them promote themselves which enables them to be successful. Plus, all small business owners are kindred spirits, eh? So it’s nice to be able to work for and with each other to promote everyone’s work. It especially gives me joy when promoting other female business owners in the area, so it’s with great pleasure that we introduce you to a wonderful downtown Raleigh business called The Design Gallery Salon! Heather and Lauren are the lady bosses there, and they have an incredible crew assembled with Casie (front desk multitasking genius), Terri (hair stylist who never complains), Lindsey (hair stylist with a fabulous sense of humor), and Neilie (esthetician who smiles a lot). They moved a few years ago from their previous location to a coveted spot in downtown Raleigh’s City Market where they’re quite established and have a loyal following of wonderful clients. We were brought in to take some updated pics of their crew and space, and we couldn’t have had more fun working with these wonderful women! So if you’re in the market for a trim downtown, visit Also, much thanks and kudos to Erin Kelly Makeup for working with the ladies on the shoot!

We’re so happy to bring you part two of my shoot with Gilded Bridal! Here’s part one, in case you missed it. Part two’s mission was to photograph the interior of Gilded Bridal, the new wedding gown boutique in downtown Raleigh, and to take some headshots of my beloved wedding client Susan as she’s now become a successful business owner! So proud of her and her BEAUTIFUL space that she and her Dad designed and constructed. It is truly a fantastic addition to downtown Raleigh and to the local wedding industry. She is open now and taking appointments for wedding dress clients! Visit her website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to learn more. If you’re looking for something fabulous, Susan has it. There’s no guarantee that she’ll be dressed up in as many veils and belts and tulle as I made her wear, but I promise she’s amazing either way.

Woah, you guys. When I opened up my email to see that I had an inquiry from this guy, I was half tempted to respond and tell him that I was booked for all of remaining space and time because I was way too nervous to shoot a session for him. I’ve been following/stalking/admiring Michael Moss and his photography work since 2008, since I first started my business and had zero clients. So to receive a super kind note from him asking us to shoot his promo session for his new website overhaul was high praise indeed. After I got over the initial shock and decided to refrain from telling him we were booked for all remaining space and time, we set up the session.

We were nervous. Well, I was nervous (Geoff is perpetually unworried and unconcerned). We hadn’t met and I was afraid I’d screw it up in some monumental and unforgivable way. Or my camera would die or I’d forget how to use it. But then the shoot started. And he was SO NICE. And he’s Canadian! I don’t know why, but this made me far less intimidated (it’s widely known that every single Canadian is nice), and then we had a good time. His wife Angelique (who, side note, is absolutely beautiful!) came with us on the session and did a great job being adorable and helpful and fabulous. And guess what? I don’t think we screwed it up. In fact, I think we did a pretty good job, but we also had some fabulous subjects to work with. Please check out Michael’s work if you haven’t had a chance, and enjoy our promo photos of him and Angelique!