The first time we met Emily and Dan, we had a Skype meeting where they held up their tuxedo cat and we held up our tuxedo cat and we were both pretty thrilled at the greatness of our cats having a meeting over the internet (the cats, pictured below, for reasons unknown don’t look as thrilled about it as we do).

But what we didn’t really realize at the time was exactly how much Pax and Buckles look alike, and how we’d come to confuse them on Instagram. Actual conversations with Geoff go like this:

– I show a picture of Pax to Geoff. Geoff looks at picture.
– Geoff, alarmed: When did you take Buckles to someone else’s house?!
– Me: That is Pax, Emily and Dan’s cat, the one that looks just like Buckles.
– Geoff: No, that is Buckles.
– Me:… No, it’s really not.

Annnnnd repeat. Emily and Dan are currently living in Pittsburgh, and someday when we’re up there visiting our families, I am determined to stop by unannounced and swap our cats for a few days and see if they notice (they’ll forget this by the time I actually do it).

But before I do that, I need to back up here and talk about their wedding. It was fabulous! And involved a flower crown that currently holds the title of Supreme Queen of Flower Crowns everywhere and I imagine it will continue to hold that title for quite some time. I was concerned about her ability to move, but that flower crown held fast and strong and did not shed one single petal all day, nor move from its exact spot on her head. It was like a being from another world. I’m not sure what happened after they left the wedding, but I can only imagine that some sort of spell had to be cast to a.) release it from her head and b.) set it free into this world. She asked me how to preserve it, but I imagine now, after observing its powers firsthand, that it’ll just do that itself.

Their wedding was so summery and gardeny and funnnn. There were little tiny cake toppers (one shaped like our cat – thanks, guys!) and wonderful floral elements and a flag representing Pittsburgh (that I think they also did for us – thanks, guys! wow, you thought of us a lot). AND they went to Iceland for their honeymoon and we spent way too much of their final consultation giving them advice on Iceland rather than their wedding (they didn’t need the wedding help anyway). But come to think of it, they didn’t really need the Iceland help either, especially when we saw that they gave each other hiking boots for their wedding gifts. We had an awesome time at their wedding and love how rad our clients have been this year! No pressure, the rest of you. Congratulations, Emily+Dan!

• Date: May 28, 2017
• Ceremony + Reception Venue: Leslie-Alford-Mims House // Holly Springs, NC
• First Dance Song: “Lovin’ You Baby” – Charles Bradley
• Emily’s Occupation: Neuroscience PhD Student at University of Pittsburgh
• Dan’s Occupation: Media & Marketing Manager
• How You Met: High school AP English class
• Interesting Fact about Emily: Name twin will be at the wedding and they were also roommates in college at UGA
• Interesting Fact about Dan: Played the role of “Sk8er Boy” in a independent film in 2004
• Interesting Fact about Emily+Dan: Emily made a Pro’s and Con’s list before she decided to date Dan and Dan’s Mom wanted Dan to date Emily after she saw Emily reading “Catch-22” at the pool.
• Honeymoon: ICELAND!
• Vendor Credits: Officiant – Rev. Patrick Ballard. DJ – Eric Hodgden of All Around Raleigh DJ Company. Florist – The English Garden. Cake – Sugar Euphoria. Caterer – Belle’s Catering. Makeup – Michelle Clark. Hair – Jennifer McDonald. Coordinator – Annie Truesdell of Orangerie Events. Classical Guitarist – Ed Stephenson.

Hey there, readers! Sorry about the long absence. After this wedding at the end of December, we skipped town to be with our families for the holidays and have only recently returned. We’re excited to share our last wedding of 2013 with you and we’re looking forward to the upcoming Year in Review posts in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

So while almost all of you are either currently stressed or were recently stressed about your wedding, Lindsay and Rishi planned two separate weddings over two days the weekend before the holidays. Two ceremonies, two receptions, two different outfits, the whole shebang. So right now we’re declaring Lindsay and Rishi the unofficial queen and king of weddings and that’s that until someone decides to out-do them with three ceremonies in a row (although I can’t guarantee that we’d be able to shoot three ceremonies in a row since we were pretty sore from this). Personally, while I haven’t met him, I hold their cat Bogart personally responsible for their zen-like state in organizing all of this since he looks really put-together on Lindsay’s Instagram account.

Day One was a beautiful Hindu ceremony and day two was a traditional ceremony held at the Umstead Hotel which totally holds up to the rumors about how awesome it is (and how awesome their staff is). There were a lot of sequins. And a little known fact about sequins? They photograph awesomely and all photographers love you when you have sequins (this is a proven, irrefutable fact). There were also little elephants, a grown man who did a lot of karate moves on the dance floor, Randy Bennett – DJ extraordinaire, Christmas lights (also another photographer favorite), some random deer antlers, giant pinecones, and a lot of fun had by all. Thank you to Lindsay, Rishi, and their wonderful and welcoming friends and family, and their ever-helpful bridal party for having us! We had an amazing time. Now I apologize in advance for a super long blog post.

Day One.

Day Two.

Date: December 20th and 21st, 2013

Ceremony and Reception Venue for Friday: The Embassy Suites // Cary, NC

Ceremony and Reception Venue for Saturday: The Umstead Hotel // Cary, NC

First Dance Song: “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe” – Barry White

Lindsay’s Occupation: Special Education Curriculum Designer at Relay Graduate School of Education

Rishi’s Occupation: MBA Candidate at University of Chicago – Booth School of Business

How You Met: At UNC – Chapel Hill

Interesting Bride Fact: The bride’s last name is an amalgam of her parents’ last names, but sans a hyphen.

Interesting Groom Fact: The groom swam with the world’s largest fish, and kicked it in the face.

Honeymoon Destination: Mini-moon in Puerto Rico… honeymoon TBD!

Vendor Credits for Friday: Officiant – Shoba Mehta | DJ – Sitar Player | Florist – Tre Bella Flowers (Becky) | Caterer – Raaga | Hair/Makeup – Salon Blu | Coordinator – Priscilla Erwin of Orangerie Events

Vendor Credits for Saturday: Officiant – Justin Savesky | DJ – Randy Bennett of the Joe Bunn DJ Company | Florist – Tre Bella Flowers (Becky) | Cake – Sweet Memories Bakery | Caterer – The Umstead | Hair/Makeup – Salon Blu | Coordinator – Kelley Ann Ward (The Umstead)

So when we booked client Jeff we thought it would be confusing until we realized that I could just refer to my Geoff as “Geoff with a beard.” Then we found out that Jeff also had a beard. So there were two bearded Geoffs/Jeffs. Then we decided we could refer to them by Geoff with a “G” and Jeff with a “J” but on the actual day of, this pretty much went out the window and we resorted to just having both of them respond whenever I said “Geoff!/Jeff!” and reacting based on process of elimination to whether or not I was having them pose or move out of the way/get me a glass of water.

I didn’t meet Jeff or Karen until the rehearsal, and Geoff didn’t meet either one of them til their wedding, but it was like INSTANT BEST FRIENDS (they either feel the same way or are totally freaked out that I just wrote that). Karen spent a majority of her middle school years seeing the same embarrassing ska bands that I did and has since moved on to stalking Pearl Jam (me tooooo!). Jeff likes bowling and baseball and has a beard and those are the only three requirements that Geoff bases his friendships on, so they were set. They live in D.C. which disappoints us a lot or else we’d be inviting ourselves over to their place a lot but we’ll have to settle for the occasional Facebook, “Hey, what’s up?” and remember how much this wedding totally ruled.

First Dance Song: “You Are The Best Thing” – Ray LaMontagne

Karen’s Occupation: Account Executive

Jeff’s Occupation: Research Consultant

How You Met: We met thanks to two of our friends (a couple themselves and both are part of the wedding parties).  Our first date was a double date with Dave and Alyssa just over 4 years ago.

Interesting Fact About Karen: Loves going to Washington Nationals games – go Nats!!

Interesting Fact About Jeff: Enjoys hunting for vinyls to add to his collection


Date: September 15, 2012

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Snipes Farm // Chapel Hill, NC

Officiant: Thomas Schott (Jeff’s dad)

DJ: TJDJ Music // Tim Hazell

Florist: Tre Bella // Rachael

Cake: Scratch Bakery // Karen Caffrey

Caterer: Beau Catering // Beau Bennette

Hair/Makeup: Carla White

Coordinator: Orangerie Events // Liz Cantey and Elise