Bailey and Baxter are two delightful and adorable senior pups that we had the pleasure of photographing alongside their humans Shannon and Jason. Bailey is 15 years young (!) and is like a miniature German Shepherd fuzzy mutt dog who acts more like a cat. They adopted her back when they first moved in together after finding her in a drain. She is a shy, sweet dog who adores her humans and canine companion Baxter. Baxter is a 10 years young (!) Jack Russell Terrier who is very active in his retirement. He enjoys barking at other dogs (in a friendly way) and smelling things and get very excited, after which he generally collapses on a blanket. They are truly wonderful dogs, and Shannon and Jason love them very much. Our job was to capture everyone’s relationship at this point in their little senior doggy lives, and we had a great time doing so. We also loved getting to know Shannon and Jason! They’ve been married for nearly 13 years and love traveling and cooking vegan. After we shot this session they left for the Bahamas but didn’t invite us to come along, and we’re still in the process of forgiving them. They are also the only people we’ve ever met who had the opportunity to see SNL live, and we’re now also trying to forgive them for that too. They get to do all the cool things! But we get to photograph them… and we know that’s pretty cool too. :) So happy to have worked with these guys and their pups!

CSP Class of 2016.

As we finally bid this dumpster-fire of a year that is 2016 adieu, we take a moment to happily remember that while things went crashing and burning swiftly after David Bowie died, that not all of the year was bad. We personally had a lot of happy memories working with these happy people that we love and cherish. CSP had a wonderful year thanks to everyone in this post. A huge heartfelt congratulations to all of our clients on their weddings, anniversaries, children, pets, engagements, families, and all milestones large and small that we helped celebrate with you all this year. WE’RE SENDING A BIG HUG TO ALL OF YOU. A big, sweaty, gone-on-too-uncomfortably-long hug. May the odds of 2017 be ever in your favor. Congratulations to the CSP Class of 2016!

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If you’ve been following us for any length of time you probably recognize the furry face of Levi, dog extraordinaire. You know – the one who makes the crazy faces when you pick up his ears or when you make high-pitched noises for a while. Loved for his antics as well as his no-nonsense attitude (you want me to do what? pose for you? no. not even for treats. not even if you squeak that plush pig at me. i will stand my ground and eat this grass over here.), this is Levi’s third shoot with us. But before it was more a Levi side-note. Not that Levi is ever a side-note in our book, but in prior shoots he was previously an accent to the love of his wonderful parents, Kim and Ginny (who are our clients-turned-friends who we are so lucky to have in our lives when we get a chance to see their wonderful faces!).

This time, our task was a Levi-focused photos session where Kim and Ginny were finally the side-notes to Levi, as we celebrate Levi’s 9th year on the planet. We bought him a squeaky chipmunk for his birthday. He did not care about it. I can’t help but think he would’ve preferred the birthday cake shaped hat that said, “It’s my barkday!” on it. We took him to a park where he could roam free, graze on grass, run from his parents, and generally mess up his incredibly well-groomed hair. He fell asleep in the car before they even left the parking lot to go home. We love you, Levi, and we are so happy to document you in your 9th year of being absolutely adorable.