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At Home with John+Anna.

We have been so lucky over the past few years to gain some family portrait clients who make us feel like we’re part of their own family and we just love them so so much that we could squeeze them all to pieces. This is one of those families. Last year we met Anna, John, their daughter Lou, and their pup Keva, and they ran around and we photographed them being adorable. Lou was talkative to her parents, but was semi skeptical of us as most two year olds are (why are these people in my house?).

Fast forward a year and a half, and we suddenly and inexplicably gained all of Lou’s trust, and she immediately launched into a detailed speech regarding tigers, dinosaurs, and pajamas with feet upon our arrival. She sometimes prefers to eat breakfast while wearing a helmet, and insisted on having a temporary tattoo to match Mr. Geoff’s real tattoo. She also has a new little brother, Gus, who is just as friendly, only without words. He prefers spending his time chewing on giraffes and smiling happily at everyone.

We crashed Matchbox cars! We made pretend nighttime with a tent! We gave a full sleeve of temporary tattoos to a 3 year old! At some point a very scary monkey also made an appearance, and we might’ve asked if John and Anna would give us ice cream (they did). It was the best day.

Also, if you’re curious, Anna is a professional illustrator and does some pretty rad artwork of adorable kids and pigs and once drew a picture of myself, Geoff, and our two cats riding in a Viking ship.


We spent a lazy Sunday morning at the home of incredibly talented illustration artist Anna, her awesome husband John, their little adorable almost-two-year-old daughter Lou, and happy pup Keva. We knew we’d like them based on Anna’s artwork, but we liked them even more when we saw their house, and even more when we saw their giant red stuffed squid pillow, and even more still when we saw three little dolls all made to look like the three of them even complete with John’s tattoos (a family friend made them). They have a striped tent! They have a little plastic toy Fisher-Price camera! John made Lou a puddle from a hose for her to jump in but she kinda just wanted to throw boats in it! Lou has learned family responsibilities like feeding the dog but just kinda gets dog food all over herself but it’s really cute! Anna can draw bunnies from chalk faster than anyone we’ve ever seen! Go, go admire their cuteness.child laughing with mom and dad child reading with parents girl hiding behind bed dad lifting daughter up parents reading with daughter family family photographers in raleigh durham little girl in house girl looking out window striped children's play tent striped play tent mom in play tent child climbing up to window child looking out window little girl looking out window little kid looking out window teaching child how to tie shoes family dolls family play tent family portrait photographer child with tent mom walking child down the stairs lifestyle family portraits north carolina day in the life family portraits raleigh little girl sitting on stairs mother and daughter child coloring child coloring family coloring at table candid family photography day in the life family portrait session fisher price vintage camera toy daughter talking to mom in living room little kid feeding the dog little kid and dog food father and daughter child playing in living room mother and daughter laughing dad spinning top for daughter family dog piggy back rides girl reading book dad playing with daughter on couch child in kitchen kid putting on rain boots father putting raincoat on daughter little kid in raincoat girl in raincoat candid family portraits durham nc girl rainboots lifestyle family portraits puddle jumping playing in puddles playing in puddles girl in raincoat in puddle family dog playing with chalk playing with chalk girl in raincoat

We have a special place in our hearts for Kelly and John. Maybe it was the fact that they couldn’t decide whether or not to play Queen, Prince, or Bruce Springsteen for their first dance. Or maybe it was because we’re pretty big into modernist architecture and they’re both architects. Or maybe it’s because they were married at CAM, Raleigh’s Contemporary Art Museum, and we were married at Artspace, another art museum down the street. Or maybe it’s because their favorite show is the Walking Dead. Or maybe it’s because they’re in Costa Rica for their honeymoon and that’s where we went too. :)

Or maybe it’s just because they are awesome. Besides, they did make their own signs and invitations with John’s graphic design talent. They also made their own reception lighting… which is something we’ve never seen (yep – all of those glowing and non-glowing cubes hanging from the ceiling were hand-made by Kelly and John). But besides all of our mutual interests and their outward awesomeness, they are also very sweet, genuine people who wanted their wedding to be a good time with lots of happy candids of their friends. And Geoff, myself, and Randy (the DJ) can all vouch for the fact that their reception was outstanding and a good time with lots of happy people to say the least. I knew they’d be a rowdy reception crowd when they starting “Woooo!”ing during the first kiss at the ceremony. ;) So thank you to Kelly and John, who were nothing but sweet and amazing and adorable, and their lovely family and friends for showing us a fantastic Saturday night despite the rain.

First Dance: “I Wanna Be Your Lover” – Prince

Bride’s Occupation: Architectural Intern

Groom’s Occupation: Creative Director/Graphic Designer

How You Met: In architecture school at NC State

Interesting Bride Fact: Kelly and John were 2 of 5 winners of a competition to design a bike rack for downtown Raleigh, both will be made and installed by April

Interesting Groom Fact: Took a 2 month road trip after graduating college – Kelly met him in Chicago & Seattle

Honeymoon Destination: Costa Rica

Date: March 24, 2012

Ceremony Venue: CAM Raleigh (Contemporary Art Museum) // Raleigh, NC

Reception Venue: The Stockroom // Raleigh, NC

Officiant: Clark Scalera

DJ: Randy Bennett of Joe Bunn DJ Company 

Florist: The Flower Cupboard

Cake: Sweet Escapes Bakery

Catering: Beau Bennett – Beau Catering

Hair/Makeup: Bottega Hair Studio

Ceremony Coordinator: Martha Gribble