quickie blog post this morning as i’m trying to catch up with everything and get a bunch of shoots and editing done before i’m in pittsburgh for a week!

meet alice! she is a lovely woman who owns her own business doing writing and marketing for software companies. she was in need of a few new headshots and, while we were at it, a few pictures of her and her husband and their adorable cat jed. :)

portrait portraits

they had a beautiful butterfly bush in their front yard with enormous butterflies…we’re talking about the size of my hand.

butterfly bush

and i just about melted when i met this little guy. he was super cute and nice and half-willing to have his picture taken. ;)

cat portraits cat portrait portraits

today’s dolfy’s birthday, also entering the terrible two’s along with buckles. :) he spent most of the day meowing incessantly and following me around the house. he’s a terror…an absolute terror…but we love him. buckles is like the naive, slightly slow and clumsy brother while dolfy is the mastermind behind every broken and shredded object in our house. he’s the reason “why we can’t have nice things.” but just look at that face. :)


why 365?